Meet Our Students

What are some of the things that make you proud to be a Pirate?

Besides having a winning football program again, I’m proud to go to a school that is recognized across the nation for medical accomplishments. I am proud that we have spirit every day, that everyone is so nice, and that we don’t need 200 years of tradition to be who we are. And I love that at ECU you have so many options. You can always do something new or get involved with new groups or new people.

What is something at ECU you wish everyone could experience?

As an Ambassador, you get to work with football recruits while they are here on their official visits. Before they go out to the field, coach Holtz speaks to them and encourages them to make sure they continue to work on their academics. As much as coach Holtz wants them to come to ECU to play football, he wants them to come to be ECU students as well. Seeing that really changed my perspective about athletes and it speaks to the integrity of our athletic department as a whole.

You aim to pursue a graduate degree in forensic science with the hopes of one day being a crime scene investigator. How is what you’ve learned different from what we see on television?

Well, first of all, you have to photograph everything. On shows like CSI, the actors walk into a fresh crime scene and start picking things up. That doesn’t happen. Every square inch of the crime scene is photographed before anything is removed from the scene. Oh, and it takes a lot longer than a day to get back DNA results. But for the most part, the science is right, it just doesn’t happen as quickly as they make it seem.