Meet our students

You are in Air Force ROTC, right? Tell me what you have learned from that experience.

Yes. I am in the Air Force ROTC. I started the second semester of my freshman year, and I didn’t know anything about military life. I learned that ROTC is not for the weak-hearted. You must have determination and a passion for what you are doing. You can’t go in there and think, “Oh, I am going to try this for the moment.” It’s a real commitment.

The most important thing I have learned from ROTC is service before self. Integrity first is one of the ROTC’s core values.

You have to do the right thing—no matter what. Don’t do the right thing because you think someone is watching you. You have to do the right thing because it is in your heart.

ROTC is all about giving back to the community. You don’t think about what you want. Instead, you think about what others need. We volunteer at Give to the Troops and the Food Bank. We also work with the Adopt a Highway and go clean up trash on 14th Street. In ROTC, you give 100 percent no matter what you are doing, even if you feel like giving up. All we ask it that you try.

You are also in a sorority?

Yes. I am a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. The sorority is all about giving back to community through service and merit.

We do a lot of programs on life in general. A program is coming up in two weeks about breast-cancer awareness. We also had a program about managing money, which taught people how to save money, start up a checking account, and build interest.

What made you decide to join a sorority and what have you learned from the experience?

I came to college as a first-generation college student, so I really did not know anyone. I saw posters for the sorority, and every program they had caught my eye. I went to see what they were talking about and I fell in love with the organization from day one.

I learned that I have a sisterhood of girls, and we all have something in common. When I first came to ECU, I didn’t think I would find that. When I saw girls who were interested in the same things that I was, I realized that there are people here like me. The sorority is all about loving others and giving back to my community. I know now that I will not take what I have for granted because I’m blessed.

What are you most proud about at ECU?

I am most proud of the ECU Recycling Program. It was developed to reduce waste and minimize the university’s impact on local landfills. Not only is this a state-mandated program, it should be an essential way of life. A Web site has been developed to provide the campus community with helpful recycling and waste reduction information on the three crucial R’s—Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle—which are the keys to waste reduction.

It’s so important to recycle. I just think about it from future generations’ viewpoint—my children and grandchildren. I just want them to have the great life I had.

Also, it’s so easy to recycle. People make a big deal out of it and say, “Oh, the trashcan is right here, and I can just throw this away.” But, in reality, you can just step outside and there’s a recycling bin right there.

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