Meet our students

What made you choose ECU?

When I was in high school I became interested in physical therapy. I knew that my ultimate academic goal was to go to Physical Therapy school. Once I began to choose universities for undergrad, I chose schools that had great programs that would prepare me for graduate school. I applied to ECU because the exercise physiology program was a great way to get ready for graduate school. Before I found out I had gotten in, I came to Greenville to visit my friend who was a freshman at the time. When I got here, I fell in love with ECU, the people, and the place. My friend walked me around campus and I thought that it was not too big and not too small. It was just the perfect size. I also went to my first Pirate football game. After that, I was sold! When I got my acceptance letter I could not have been more thrilled that I was going to be a PIRATE!

What are some of the things you are proud of at ECU?

ECU continues to grow, improve, and change. I am proud that we are continuing to move forward. We are not just allowing the world and our community to change around us. We are making the change in the world and in our community. There are so many opportunities at ECU, whether its academics, sports, clubs, or organizations. I am proud to attend such an awesome university and I'm proud to be a Pirate.

What is something about ECU you wish everyone could experience?

I wish everyone could experience the school spirit that can only be found at ECU. Pirate fans are like no other fans in the world. I think everyone loves being a Pirate and wants everyone to know it. We support our school win or lose and we are always going to have fun doing it.

Is there anything else you can think people should know about you?

My faith in God is what gets me through my day-to-day life. One of my favorite quotes and what I try to live by is "Pray hard, work hard, and leave the rest to God" by Florence Griffith Joyner. I have been so blessed in so many ways and I can't thank God enough.

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