Meet Our Students

What have you learned from being a leader?

As a participant in the BSU volunteer program at the Safe Haven Community Center, I was able to see the results of kids having positive role models. The kids were between the ages of six and 13 and most of them, probably 95 percent, didn’t have their father in the home. It was tough; I volunteered for an entire year, but it was incredible to be with them at the age where they start to make decisions that determine their path in life. Some still led down the path to trouble, but there were many that didn’t that surely would have if not for the program.

What is your proudest accomplishment as president of the BSU?

In 2006, under my first term as president of the Black Student Union, I helped catapult BSU into the largest student ran organization on ECU's campus. It was an amazing accomplishment to know that I helped make history in not just my organization, but at the school, because it was the first time that a minority organization had ever been recognized as the largest on campus. Having such a large membership during this 2006–7 academic year afforded us to be able to host an unprecedented amount of first-class programs and services to our members and the community.


How has the past four years changed you as a person?

College has taught me that no matter how much or how little you have, the only way for you to become successful is to know what success truly is, and to know how to achieve it. It is because of passion, persistence, principles, and an understanding of my purpose that I am able to walk towards a promise of a successful future, for not only myself, but for everyone I can influence along the way.

When you become Commander and Chief, it will be because of...?

My mother. She worked so hard to give me the best she could while I was growing up. I certainly wouldn't be what or where I am today without her.