Why did you choose ECU?

When I was applying to schools, my mom said, “Why don’t you look at ECU? They have a good medical program, and you are interested in medicine.” So, I applied and I came on the campus. Everyone was so friendly, and the campus was a very open environment. I felt as though I could approach anybody. Everyone seemed willing to help, and they just want to do what it takes for you to get to where you want to be. It just seemed like this is where I fit in at, and I felt comfortable. That’s very important for the place you are going to be at for the next four years.

You want to be a doctor? Tell me about that.

I hope to one day be a surgeon, and I am leaning towards neurology. I was talking to a surgeon once and he said that he likes surgery because sometimes it is the only way to get people back to their normal lives more quickly.

You mentioned that your favorite class was Intro to Neuroscience. Tell me about that.

I thought that the Intro to Neuroscience class was really interesting. Everything we learned in the class applied to everyday life. We learned about things like what happens when you are sleeping and your eyes are moving, which is REM sleep. We also discussed why people get addicted to things. We even defined what addiction is. This class gave me much more of an understanding of the medical field.

What is your best ECU memory?

My best ECU memory was the night of the election. I was on campus on The Hill and everybody rushed out. We circled all of downtown and came back up The Hill. It was a really great experience to see all of those people excited. I remember thinking, “I was here at ECU when history was made.” We had our first African American president.

What is something about ECU that you wish everyone could experience?

I wish everyone could experience our football games because it seems like the whole city shuts down. During football games, you are either at home watching the game or you are there in person. I don’t think other places are like that. For other schools, maybe the part of the town where the game is taking place is shut down, but you can still get around the city. Whereas, here, everything stops and moving around is impossible during a football game.