Meet Our Students

Why did you choose to attend ECU?

I was really impressed with the history of service at ECU. This university has been producing teachers for 100 years, so it must be doing something right. I want to be a teacher and ECU is the best school for my major. It also has a great location. Greenville is not an overwhelming city, but there is always something to do unlike in a small town. Also, the people are friendly here and the school is so resourceful with everything from financial aid to help with writing English papers. The obvious choice was to attend ECU.

What do you like most about your college experience so far?

Without a doubt, it’s been my volunteer experience. As a member of FOCUS (Finding Opportunities in the Community for Undergraduate Students) I’ve had the opportunity to serve in the community. Through my affiliation with ECU Reads, I’ve tutored elementary school students with their learning and met some amazing kids from Greenville. And as an ECU Ambassador I am helping potential students see all that ECU has to offer. We also work with the Alumni Association and get to meet a lot of alumni. It’s great to see they still have such incredible Pirate pride.

How else has your volunteer work affected your college experience?

The members of FOCUS all live together on the same floor in Jones Hall. It gives us time to get to know one another and we’ve all become good friends. It also helps us stay involved when we have friends who enjoy doing the same things. I don’t think that is unique to FOCUS, though. It seems like here at ECU it’s easy to find other people who share your interests.