Meet Our Students

What is it like to be part of the marching band?

It’s a lot of fun to belong to an organization that pumps up the crowd so much. Being involved with the Marching Pirates makes me feel like I’m doing my part for the university. The student response in the stadium is amazing. When we march out onto the field and turn around and play for the students, they go crazy! I enjoy playing in the stands and just cheering the football team from where I’m at. It’s fun for me to get other members of the band riled up as well. It gives me a chance to really show my love for ECU football.

Is being part of the band as hard as it looks?

Band is a huge sacrifice, especially during the school year. But it is something I love to do and I will continue to do it. We practice Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. On game days we practice a few hours before the game and we participate in parades and local high school band competitions. Bowl games usually interfere with the holidays, but our director does everything he can to help us get to spend as much time with our families as possible. For example, last year we left for the bowl game the day after Christmas, but we stopped throughout the state to pick up members, so that people didn’t have to drive back to Greenville just to leave for the game. It was helpful to a lot of people.

What made you choose ECU?

What ultimately made me choose ECU was the reputation of the ECU School of Music and several members of the faculty in the School of Music. When I first came here for my audition into my degree area, I really felt like they wanted me here and that they were going to ensure that I received the best possible education. Also, every time I was on campus I sensed a very strong sense of pride. And I think that pride extends into the surrounding communities which makes ECU feel more like home. ECU is simply the best!