Meet Our Students

What has been your most memorable experience at ECU?

It wasn't really at ECU, but last summer I interned for United States Senator Richard Burr in Washington, D.C. It was really great because I got to see behind the scenes of politics. It was cool because the immigration reform hearings were going on at that time, and all the big names in politics were in town. One day I was standing on the steps of the Capitol with a buddy about to go get lunch, and the doors opened and Hillary Clinton walked out with two secret service officers. So I said, “Good afternoon Senator, how are you?” She said she was doing great and we ended up talking for a bit. I was afraid that I’d get shot by the secret service, but fortunately I didn’t. It was great.

Being the Washington insider that you are, what do you think about the presidential race?

I think the biggest issue this year is still the Iraq war. Many people are wondering what's going to happen with that, especially those with family in the armed forces. Immigration is another big issue, but I do think that it has gone down. Last summer in Washington there were days when I worked from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and did not get off the phone with callers talking about immigration. The economy is another huge issue. People want to know how the recession will affect them. Lastly, I think foreign policy will play a role as well. I think for the rest of the year we are going to see a battle between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. John McCain is set on the Republican side, but the two Democrats are going to fight it out.

What will you miss most about ECU?

Everything. There is not just one thing I will miss because I will miss it all. I will miss tailgating with my friends right before a football game, the spirit of the fans at football games, the extra sleep you get when your professor cancels a class, the A I made on an exam after studying hours for it. Even the smallest things matter, and it will all be those things that I will miss most once I graduate from East Carolina University.