Meet Our Students

If you could tell an incoming freshman one thing, what would it be?

The cure to homesickness is getting involved. I came here and I was really homesick at first. I mean, it’s a beautiful campus and a beautiful school, but I just didn’t feel at home initially. Once I started to get involved with the student life on campus like the Black Student Union, African Student Organization, and Leadershape, everything just took off for me. Everyone was so friendly and I really felt welcomed. We have more than 200 student organizations here with so many opportunities. I really appreciate how ECU helps students start organizations if there isn’t already one in a particular area of interest. I have a friend who did just that. She started ENT—Emerging New Talent—here at ECU that helps bring together people with entertainment-based talents like singers, rappers, dancers, even magicians.

Do you have a talent?

My biggest talent, I guess, would be organization. I’m better at running the business side of things, keeping everything in line. Anyone who knows me knows that I am extremely busy and I have my planner with me at all times. My days are so structured that I don’t really have time for leisure activities. I’ve got meetings to go to, I’m working, and I’m doing an internship. I have too much going on to keep it in my head, so I rely heavily on my planner. If I lost it, I wouldn’t know where I need to be or what I needed to do for the day.

How has being organized help you at ECU?

I definitely credit organization and time management for allowing me to graduate on time. Also dedication and determination, because graduating on time is something I wanted to accomplish from the very beginning. Thankfully, I’m in an environment and at a school that will allow me to do so. I actually started my college career a semester early. Instead of beginning in the fall like most students, I started in the summer just so I could get used to college life before all of my fellow students showed up. I definitely recommend doing that because it gives you the opportunity to learn a lot. You learn your way around campus, you learn how to deal with financial aid, how to schedule classes, and how to handle the increased demand of college courses.

What is your best ECU memory?

My best ECU memory is making all A's my sophomore year.

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