Meet Our Students

How does ECU help prepare students for their careers?


Aside from the obvious academic training, ECU has a wonderful resource in the Career Center. I work there as an office assistant and I see how helpful it can be. The center lets students come in and get their resumes revamped, find out about internships, learn job interviewing skills, and there are even opportunities to set up a mock interview specific to the job they are looking for. The Career Center also has an online job database that I’m not sure a lot of students really know about. Students can sign up online for free and see listings for on-campus jobs, off-campus jobs, and part-time opportunities for students.


What is something about ECU that you wish everyone could experience?


The spirit of community service and volunteerism we have here. Volunteerism and giving back to my community is a very big deal for me. I have volunteered at a couple of after school programs and a crisis center, and I love the feeling that I’ve made a difference in someone’s life. I have a lot of friends who volunteer as well. It seems that everyone on this campus is involved in the community. I think that’s a trait that is unique to ECU.


How specifically has volunteering changed your life?


Last year I worked at Belvoir Elementary School as a tutor helping students with reading comprehension. It was really fun and very rewarding at the end because my student actually performed a lot better on the required end-of-year tests the state requires. But if not for my volunteer experience at Belvoir Elementary, I would have never thought to combine my volunteer work with my academic work. I am starting my senior thesis soon, and I’m really excited because I am going to be working with the same kids again. With my thesis I hope to see how young students' motivation is linked to their reading scores and whether or not tutoring has any effect on it. My thesis is actually tied into a psychology service-learning course that sends students out to Belvoir, and they will be providing the data for me. Without my original interest in giving back to my community I might never have thought to even write a thesis.