What made you choose ECU?

There were so many opportunities for me at ECU, and I knew that I would be able to have a fulfilling college experience here. The people were another determining factor. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I could tell that I was going to meet many wonderful people, and I have. The Pirate pride was also contagious. Once you catch it, it is hard to see yourself anywhere else.

What are you proud of at ECU?

I am proud of the dedication to service demonstrated by ECU's students. People are so willing to donate time and money to a variety of causes, and I think that speaks volumes about the people at ECU.

You are in the Honors College and an EC Scholar as well. Tell me more about those experiences.

I am in a class of 11 EC Scholars, so we have become really close because we have taken classes together. We were in an Honors Colloquium our freshman year, which is really cool. This year we are taking a seminar class together about research.

Being an EC Scholar is awesome. The second day we met, we went to a ropes course where we were thrown into this situation with people we had never met before to do team-building exercises. Your class of EC Scholars really becomes your family, and everyone grows close to each other. The program has just offered me a lot of opportunities that I might not have had otherwise. In fact, next semester I am traveling to Italy for study abroad.

What would you tell a prospective student about ECU?

There is something for everyone at ECU! The academics are excellent. There are many amazing programs here that offer tremendous opportunities. Some examples are the Honors College and EC Scholars program. ECU has strong nursing and teaching programs as well as an up- and-coming engineering program. In addition, I would tell a prospective student about the Brody School of Medicine and that ECU has a new dental school, which I hope to attend in the future.

I would also encourage prospective students to never be afraid to meet new people. Everyone here is really friendly, and they want to meet new people too.