Meet Our Students

What are you most proud of here at ECU?

I am proud of many things at ECU. Although ECU is the third-largest university in the UNC system, I feel that we are a hidden gem. I don't think that many people know or appreciate how much ECU accomplishes. I am so proud of the progress of research that occurs here, as well as the nursing, teaching, and art programs we are so well known for.

What is the one thing you wish everyone could experience at ECU?

Recently, I studied abroad in India and I found out that only a small percentage of students take advantage of the opportunities that are available to them to study abroad. Studying abroad is an educationally rewarding and possibly life changing experience that I wish everyone could experience during their time at ECU.

How has ECU changed you?

When I first attended ECU, I returned home to Hickory almost every chance I could. As the years progressed, I have gone home less and less. I do not quite know when it happened, but slowly Greenville became the place that I call home. Now that graduation is in sight, I cannot imagine calling another town my home.

What is you favorite ECU experience?

As part of my World Religions class, I lived like a monk for three weeks. I couldn't eat processed foods, I had to engage in spiritual reading and writing, and on Monday's I had to be completely silent, or speak only when absolutely necessary—like in other classes. It was a really great class, but it was also a real challenge. I learned so much about other cultures and religions, and even a lot about my own, which was great.