Meet Our Students

What would you tell someone who was considering attending East Carolina?

YOU WILL LOVE IT HERE! ECU will provide you with anything and everything you can possibly think of. The people here are easy to talk to and are willing to help you succeed and reach your goals for the future. If you are looking for a place to feel at home, receive a great education, experience new things, find yourself in life, and have fun all at the same time, then ECU is the place for you!

Upon graduating, what will you miss most about ECU?

I’m obsessed with ECU football. I haven’t missed a home football game at ECU since I was five years old. Both of my parents are alumni, and since I have been old enough for them to take me, I have been to every single game. I broke my ankle playing football in high school on a Friday night, but the next day I was still at the ECU game on crutches. My friends and I go to all the away games. We really put a lot of time into being good fans. I’ve even got all the ticket stubs from the games at my house.

You volunteered this summer in a developing nation. How did you get involved with that, and how was it?

This summer I volunteered for a month in the Dominican Republic with a group called International Student Volunteers. They are a nonprofit organization that helps college students volunteer around the world, and also gives them an opportunity to learn about life outside of the United States. ISV representatives came to campus and passed out flyers and spoke to classes about volunteer opportunities abroad. We volunteered for two weeks, alternating between teaching English and math to elementary school students one day, and the next day doing construction work, helping to rebuild houses from hurricane damage, build sidewalks, and other infrastructure projects. The remaining two weeks we spent touring the country. The volunteering part was more fun for me than the tour. I just love working with the kids. I feel so strongly about it that I’m going to be a student representative for ISV this year. So look for me around campus; I’ll be sharing my experiences with students and encouraging others to volunteer.