What made you choose ECU?

Greenville is a city that has a contagious love for ECU. After completing my undergraduate studies in health education and promotion and my master of public health degree at ECU, it was impossible for a true Pirate to turn down the opportunity of being part of the inaugural class of the School of Dental Medicine. I was a founding member of the Pre-Dental Honor Society and it only felt right to complete my studies at the school that has become not only home to me, but part of who I am as well. My love for this university has only driven my passion for dentistry.

What are some of the things you are proud of at ECU?

To me, ECU has more of a family atmosphere than other schools. We take pride in our purple and gold. You see it everywhere; it’s all around Greenville. In regard to the ECU School of Dental Medicine, I am proud of the dedication and commitment of our faculty. They take time out of their busy schedules to answer questions that we may have or to assist us in the simulation lab. Our school is utilizing the latest technology to enhance our overall learning experience. The curriculum will allow us to be better primary clinicians in order to extend quality dental care to those in underserved communities and rural areas of North Carolina.

Tell me how you found out about your acceptance to the ECU School of Dental Medicine and how you feel to be a part of the inaugural class.

One of my mentors called to tell me the news. He said, “Shannon, we had this meeting…” I thought he was going to tell me I needed to wait another year to apply. But, then he told me I had gotten in, and I started crying. I was so excited. I have aspired to be a dentist since the age of five, and I was afforded this opportunity to make my dream a reality.

Being a part of the inaugural class is a great feeling! We are pretty much like a big family. When you have 52 people who are sitting in a room together five days a week, you learn everything about each other. If someone is weak in an area, we want to be sure to lift them up. We work as a team.

Do you plan on staying in North Carolina after graduation?

I most definitely plan on staying in North Carolina after I graduate. Part of the mission of the School of Dental Medicine is to serve those in underserved communities or rural areas of North Carolina. I aspire to be an innovative dentist and to improve the quality of dental care. I aim to accomplish these goals by being an open-minded leader aiming to serve in the community. A beautiful smile is one of the first things you notice about a person. I think that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to share their healthy, beautiful smile with the world. I want to be the person who makes that happen. My love for helping others and my passion for the dental profession will allow me to achieve this goal.