ECU Baseball: The Legacy of Coach LeClair

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"23" Video Transcript

Chuck Young: As time went on it became what he understood and accepted as a blessing.

Ben Sanderson: There are no words to describe what it means to you to wear that 23.

Title Screen: 23

Ben Sanderson: “Coach LeClair’s talent as a coach was his ability to get the most out every single guy on the roster whether it was the superstar at 1 or your scrapper at 35 on the roster. He was able to get the most out of every single guy. And I think that’s what’s wearing number 23 represents. That you’ve been able to get everything out of your talent.”

Brian Cavanaugh: I was the third player to receive the number 23 jersey back in 2005. I was part of Coach LeClair’s final season as coach and I saw him go through all that he went through. He was going through a lot of pain, although he never expressed it. Throughout his whole ordeal it was never about him, it was all about us and he was worried about making us better. To see that, and to see the effort he put in, he didn’t have to come to practice every day, he didn’t have to come to our games, and he was so selfless and so determined to make us a good ball club. That was our first year in Conference USA and we ended up becoming the champions.

Ben Sanderson: Each year we are going to have a celebration. People around here get excited about it, we’re going to have a celebration in his name. Some great teams are coming in here, and it’s just really representative of what he wanted the program to be when he arrived here. Last year I think we had Western Carolina, Pepperdine, and NC State—5,000 people in this place, three rows deep in the jungle. When he first got here I think we had 50 people in the stands, and we had bleachers and no one in the outfield, and I think this tournament each year is what he envisioned for this program.

Chuck Young: I was one of about fifty in the bleachers, which were like bad high school bleachers at best. So for him to recruit talent here and do what he did here—and now to see this place, and the fans come and remember him. Many will remember when the stadium opened and he was wheeled out with his family, his kids throwing out the first pitch. His wife Lynne, and his kids are committed to coming back each year. But my friends in heaven, he’s in a good place. It’s his wife and kids that I’m thrilled get to come back and see their father’s name, and husband’s name up there and the fans that continue to surround this place.