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his year, East Carolina University celebrates the 75th anniversary of its College of Business. Although the College of Business has evolved and grown as years have passed and technology has advanced, its mission has remained the same—to prepare undergraduate and graduate students for careers in the business world by offering them a stellar education.

The College of Business truly has a rich history that has molded its legacy and made it into the elite business education grantor it is today.

Dr. James Bearden, the second dean of the college, recently reflected on what the 75th anniversary of the college means to him.

“We’ve had a remarkable journey here at this institution, and to be part of the College of Business, which has been so central to the university’s success, is just a real delight,” said Bearden. “Whenever you have a celebration of this magnitude, we want to ask all people to celebrate with us. It is not just our success that we are celebrating; it is the success of all of those who have come before us and who will come after us.” read more...