East magazine Fall 207 edition
Cover Story

We're Here to Help

 Ted Morris
If you need help starting or expanding a business in eastern North Carolina or with a public sector initiative, ECU offers these resources:

Regional Development Institute (RDI) draws on the expertise of faculty, students and staff to boost economic development in the easternmost 40 counties. RDI provides services mainly to local governments but also to non-profit organizations and businesses. Services include managing community planning and development projects, identifying and preparing applications for state and federal grants, and providing economic data and statistics necessary for local development projects.
Call Ted Morris, (252) 737-1341

Center for Survey Research provides access to opinion polling surveys and marketing analysis used by local governments to guide their planning, zoning and other long-range planning.
Call Samantha Foushee, (252) 737-1349

ECU Outreach Network is a team of ECU faculty, staff and students who work with community organizations to find resources for programs that promote sustainable growth and development. It was organized in 2000 to help communities that needed funding after the flood of September 1999. The focus has since expanded to include economic and community development projects. Services are free to eligible entities.
Call Michelle F. Eble, (252) 737-1348

ECU Entrepreneurial Initiative fosters entrepreneurship within the university and across the region. It’s mainly known for holding monthly meetings where spin-ins (local start-ups that need ECU’s technical help) and spin-outs (companies started by faculty that need help commercializing their discoveries) present their ideas to angel investors, venture capitalists and other entities supporting early stage innovations.
Call Marty Hackney, (252) 737-1345

Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC), whose eastern regional office operates within ECU, is the primary organization through which the state provides business development and technical assistance to the business community. SBTDC provides business research, technical assistance in obtaining state and
federal (often military) contracts, targeted assistance to local companies hoping to export their products, and one-to-one counseling to assist businesses in the commercialization
of innovative technologies.
Call Carolyn Wilburn, (252) 737-1385

Small Business Institute (SBI), an outreach program of the College of Business, provides on-site management assistance to small-business owners. SBI assigns student teams to analyze problems encountered by the business, then develops possible solutions.
Call Michael Harris, (252) 737-1057

Bureau of Business Research (BBR) is the applied research arm of the College of Business. It provides economic data and forecasting services to businesses, governments and individuals. The services include economic forecast modeling as well as seminars and conferences.
Call James Kleckley, (252) 737-1441

Center for Innovation in Technology and Engineering (CITE), an outreach program offered by the College of Technology and Computer Science, provides a cost-effective alternative for specialized industrial training and project implementation. CITE works with client companies to craft employee training programs in such emerging areas as Lean Manufacturing and
Six Sigma.
Call David Harrawood, (252) 328-9654