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Winter 2006


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Petey Heads Off
Rusty Boyette takes a break after a recent game and talks about his year as Petey. What was his best experience? “At the UAB football game I got the chance to interact with the mascot from the other team. I slayed the dragon with my sword.” How long has he been a Pirate fan? “Since I was born. My parents used to duct tape my car seat to the bleachers.”

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undefinedHealer of Giants

By Marion Blackburn
With NFL team salaries soaring above $90 million, caring for star quarterbacks and gifted wide receivers means protecting a considerable financial investment. The New York Giants, whose worth Forbes estimates at $806 million, have entrusted that responsibility for more than 20 years to one remarkable man, Ronnie Barnes ’75.

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undefinedTurning Pro
in Sports Medicine

By Marion Blackburn
By day Dr. Lisa Callahan '83 '87 mostly treats women with sports injuries. She’s an expert in the field who literally wrote the book on women’s fitness. Then at night she worries about her really tough cases—the 14 big guys on the New York Knicks pro basketball team.

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undefinedPirates Storm Manhattan

By Steve Tuttle
Chancellor Steve Ballard leads an ECU contingent to New York City to witness the Carnegie Hall debut of our Four Seasons Chamber Music Festival. Officials also unveil plans for ECU's new Performing Arts Theater and meet with New York alumni for an Eighth Avenue brunch.

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undefinedGreeks, All Grown Up?

By Bethany Bradsher
If you remember Greek Life at East Carolina as a blur of fraternity parties, rushes and formal dances, you should have spent the night with members of Phi Beta Sigma sleeping in cardboard boxes in front of Mendenhall to raise money for the homeless. It's an example of Greeks changing to remain relevant to a new generation.

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undefinedClub Sports:
Not Your Father's Team

By Bethany Bradsher
The image of club sports, once known mostly for friendly softball games, has been sent to the penalty box. Today’s club sport of choice at ECU is ice hockey, which created a sensation during its first season. Hundreds of fans turned out for its games, including a 4-2 win over UNC Chapel Hill.

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