ECU Launches YouTube Channel

The next time you are online watching the latest Internet craze on YouTube, take a moment to visit ECU’s newly launched YouTube channel, While you won’t find videos featuring the traditional YouTube fare—pop music videos, hilarious accidents, or “science” experiments featuring breath mints and diet cola—you will find a wide range of videos that represent just some of what ECU has to offer.

Do you think you saw your roommate in an ECU commercial that aired during the last televised football game, but aren’t sure? Confirm it on YouTube. Did you forget about that guest lecturer that you wanted to see? Check out the Colleges and Departments’ play list—it might be there. Or maybe you are just curious to see what’s going on around campus? With ECU’s YouTube channel, faculty and staff can submit their own videos, whatever the topic, and have them added directly to the channel. You never know what you might find.

YouTube is the industry standard in terms of user-generated video content on the Web. Increasingly, colleges and universities are taking advantage of YouTube and the special features it makes available to higher education. These include an expanded time limit for videos—from 10 minutes to one hour in length—and the ability to view videos in high resolution. But the true appeal of YouTube is its immense popularity and low learning curve. Since 2005, YouTube has been the world’s most popular online video community, with 71 million unique users each month and the sixth-largest audience on the Internet.

“ECU’s venture into YouTube is a union of the university with the preeminent consumer video resource. We see YouTube as an opportunity to push ECU’s educational efforts anytime and anywhere to any Web video-capable platform ranging from desktop computers to hand-held devices,” said Jack Brinn, ECU Chief Information Officer.

Content on ECU’s YouTube channel comes from departments, organizations, and individuals from across campus. Faculty and staff are encouraged to submit videos of lectures, guest speakers, spirit activities, student projects, performances of the arts, sporting events, and anything else that might be of interest to the university community. Students representing campus groups or organizations who wish to post videos to the channel should contact their faculty advisor to submit videos on their behalf.

Anyone interested in contributing videos should download the ECU YouTube Submission Form and return it with a copy of the video per the instructions listed on the form.