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ECU Screensaver

Tomorrow starts here.

    Introducing the ECU Screensaver 2011

    You wear Pirate gear—so why not deck your computer out in purple and gold as well? Now you can, with the new ECU screensaver. Only the ECU screensaver fills your monitor with beautiful images from around campus, and keeps you in touch with the Pirate Nation. The ECU screensaver is free, and available in both Mac and PC formats. Download your copy today.  

    RSS Feed The ECU Screensaver features four university RSS feeds to keep you connected:

    Download the screensaver
    By downloading and installing the ECU Screensaver, you are agreeing to the ECU Screensaver terms of use.

    PC Screensaver Download
    PC Download
    file size 19 mb
    Mac Screensaver Download
    Mac Download
    file size 17.8 mb

    PC System Requirements: Windows 7, Windows XP or Windows Vista operating system, Flash Player installed, and a connection to the internet

    Mac System Requirements: Operating System 10.1-10.6, Flash Player installed, and a connection to the internet