ECU Tomorrow: A Vision for Leadership and Service

Dr. Steve Ballard Chancellor

East Carolina’s success is attributable to continued commitment to the values expressed throughout our first century. These core values are a source of unity. They provide a compass to help direct us through the inevitable tensions we face. They help to define our identity as individuals and as a community.

As we consider all of the shared values that define East Carolina, five are particularly important at this time in our history.

  • Respect: Respect for others is at the heart of our community.
  • Authenticity: When East Carolina says it will do something, it will be done.
  • Accountability: We will be responsible for achieving our mission.
  • Teamwork: We are one university. We believe in collaboration, and we consistently ask, “What is best for East Carolina University and the people we serve?”.
  • Commitment to Serve: We remain committed to serving our students, region, and state. We recognize potential, actively pursue beneficial opportunities, and work to achieve transformational results.

These values will guide us as we pursue opportunities in our new century.