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ECU Tomorrow: A Vision for Leadership and Service

East Carolina University has a proud heritage. From our early days as a school for training teachers to our present status as a national doctoral research university, we have continually served our region with quality and commitment since 1907. Our commitment is an expression of our motto, Servire, or To Serve. We believe that no university has done a better job of public service than East Carolina University, and we will continue to be a national model for how to use university resources for the greater public good.

As we conclude our first century, we have emerged as a national doctoral university that remains committed to the three traditional missions of the public university: service, teaching, and research. Our enrollment is approaching twenty-six thousand students, and we have been the fastest-growing university in North Carolina for five years. We take great pride in the record of achievement and success that has been established by our many alumni. We remember the many hard-fought victories that make up the storied tradition of Pirate athletics. We are proud of our national and international leadership in medicine, health sciences, and teacher preparation. We are proud of our award-winning excellence in the visual and performing arts. Above all, we are proud of the vital contributions our people and programs have made for the betterment of North Carolina.

As with any anniversary, there is an appropriate time to reflect on the past. But as one century ends, another quickly begins.

It is time to look ahead to our new century.