The Team Training Center Challenge Course

"Into the Woods. Out of the Box" Video Transcript

Eric Gardner: We are out here at the Blount Intramural Complex, and this is where we do our programs for Campus Recreation and Wellness Team Training Center. What we traditionally do is start out on the fields here and do field initiatives and games just for our teams and our groups to get to know each other, and to build that teamwork. Then we tend to move them out to our six wooded acres in the trees and do our low element programs there. A little higher challenge, higher communication, trust building. And then a lot of the time what we are going to do is move them on to our 50-foot-tall alpine tower and giant swing.

Alright, this is where it all starts out here on the intramural fields of the Blount complex. We’re going to get groups moving get them laughing and talking to each other, and really starting that process of team building and bonding.

We’re on our low elements challenge course, and really what we do out here is try to get groups to work together as a unit, bond, build trust, and really up their communication. And we utilize our over 20 low elements to do that.

If you were to walk the rest of our trails you’d come across some elements that, some of them are rather easy and we’re going to start the group there, and then we’re going to build up to some of our harder elements. And they are distinct from each other, they’re unique. So you get to do something new each time, and it’s a new challenge.

Alright, we’re looking at our 50-foot-tall alpine tower. It was installed in the summer of 2006. And it’s got hanging nets, cargo nets, our swinging logs, our corporate ladder, just a lot of elements to really get up there have a great time and challenge yourself.

Amy Capehart: A lot of students, MBS students in particular, say they are motivated by money. Money is the motivator. But you come out here and you see that okay, maybe they are motivated by some intrinsic things. You know, competition. Just achievement. Just to be able to say “I did it.” Recognition. All of these things are things they find out you know “I’m motivated by these things too.” And so those are just a few of the many things that are related between the class and the challenge course.

Rob Keller:The main thing I learned today is utilizing people skills, open communication, being able to trust on people to get through the different activities. Things of that nature.

Laquan Lucas: I took a room of strangers that I did not know and actually trusted them in situations where I felt like I wouldn’t have made it by myself. So I actually made a lot of friends here today as well as realized that you have to have a team to make it work. You can’t do it by yourself.

Amy Capehart: Once they do this, they are amazed. They know each other. And so they are much more comfortable discussing topics. They are much more comfortable voicing their opinions. And so a lot of times the participation in the class increases tremendously. Just because now they know each other, now they have some common bond. And they you know they’ll bring up things like “Oh, that’s kind of like when we were at the challenge course.” Or “Yeah that’s kind of related to what we did there.” And so the communication and participation just doubles or triples even.

Eric Gardner:Thanks for coming out to the ECU Team Training Center and Challenge Course and we hope to see you again soon.