CLC Celebrates Grand Unveiling

Dr. Larry Boyer, dean of Academic Library and Learning Resources, enjoys Joyner's new Collaborative Learning Center.
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CLC Floor Plan

Reference/Research Room and the Collaborative Study Center

Pirate Tutoring and Writing Center

Presentation Room

Group Study Rooms and Graduate Study Room

Java City and Vending Area

Reading Room

Although the whole concept of the CLC promotes group learning, specially designated group-study rooms are also available for reserve. There are more than 35 group-study rooms located throughout the library on the first three floors. These smaller rooms, designated with signs that read “Group Study,” are furnished with a table, chairs, and often times a dry erase or chalk board.

The seven group-study rooms in the CLC may be reserved by students for small group use. These rooms seat six to eight people and can be reserved for two hours up to two weeks in advance. Also, many of these rooms have plasma screens with laptop hookup access.

The presentation room in 1415, which accommodates more than 25 people, provides a space to work on individual and team presentations and reports. The room is equipped with a document camera, computer with touch screen capability, laptop connection, DVD/VHS player, and recording system. The cutting-edge technology in this room allows students to prepare their reports and videos themselves, easily incorporating information that they have gathered using the library’s online and print resources. They will also be able record their presentations themselves and even DVR their presentations, play them back for review, or download to a flash drive for later use.

The presentation and group-study rooms can be reserved online by using the online reservation form. Rooms can also be reserved by contacting the reference department in person, phone, or by email.

Students should also know that Pirate Tutoring and the University Writing Center are now located on the first floor of Joyner. By offering these services along with the CLC’s services, Joyner hopes to provide students with a more comprehensive learning experience.

Through Pirate Tutoring, tutors are available Monday through Wednesday evenings and by appointment to help with math, physics, chemistry, biology, and business courses. Tutors can also assist students with topics such as enhancing test taking skills, learning textbook reading tips, applying study strategies for specific courses, improving academic time management and motivation, establishing a GPA recovery plan, and making an academic success plan.

The Writing Center can help students with basic writing skills and assistance with specific writing assignments in any discipline. A typical writing session lasts between 30-40 minutes. A session helps students improve their writing skills as they talk, read aloud, and brainstorm one-on-one with writing tutors.

Along with all of the additional resources, students should also remember that wireless Internet is available throughout the whole library. Patrons who have laptop computers or PDAs with a wireless Ethernet card can connect to ECU's wireless network in Joyner Library. The network is available throughout the building, as well as in the Joyner Courtyard and Sonic Plaza. For more information about the ECU Wireless network, hardware requirements and details on how to register your computer or PDA on this network, please visit the ECU ITCS Wireless information web pages at:

Also, ECU faculty, staff, and students should take advantage of the library’s technology loan system. There are 35 laptop computers available, computer locks for laptops, remote controls for six plasma screens with computer hookups, headphones and headphone splitters, and three Sony video cameras and tripods.

Laptops can be checked out for in-library use once daily for a period of twelve hours or until 15 minutes before the library closes for business on the day of the loan, whichever comes first. Camcorders are available for three-day checkout.

Students are welcome to visit the library to check out the benefits of the CLC. The library is open Sunday from noon–2:00 a.m.; Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m.–2:00 a.m.; Friday from 7:30 a.m.–8:00 p.m.; and Saturday from 10:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m.

By Meagan Williford
University Marketing

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