CLC Celebrates Grand Unveiling - Video Transcript

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Boyer: I’m Larry Boyer, the Dean of Academic Library and Learning Resources and I want to welcome you Joyner Library in ECU’s new Collaborative Learning Center.

The learning environment today is much different from that experienced by students, just a short decade ago. Independent study has largely been replaced by collaborative learning. With the launch of our new, state-of-the-art Collaborative Learning Center or as we like to call it the CLC, Joyner Library is focusing on the creation of future leaders by providing a venue for 21st century learning.

Batts: With the new facilities, I am really excited about the space and the technology. It has some of the technologies that you will be using at your career and also at class. So you can work with it and get familiar with it before you have to go do a presentation or something like that.

Boyer: The CLC will increase our library seating by nearly 200 and provide enhanced study and work conditions, with comfortable yet ergonomic seats, tables, lounge chairs, as well as booths and high-tech computer-workstations. Moreover, that elusive search for electric power will no longer be a problem as many of the tables have built-in power outlets.

Martinkovic: Well, I am excited that there is going to be a lot more outlets. There were times when everybody would be here for exams but you could never find an outlet for your laptop. I think that’s going to be one of the key things that students are going to love. And the chairs, too. This whole set up- it’s very classy and relaxed and it brings a different feel to Joyner that I think everybody ‘s going to enjoy in the fall.

Boyer: Cutting edge technology, especially in the new presentation room will allow students to digitally record their presentations or group projects and to review, save, and play them back for their teachers and others. WiFi is available throughout the Library and students can even check out laptops, camcorders, and Ipods.

But the personal touch will not be lost. Professional and service oriented staff are an integral part of the learning environment. When more in-depth help is needed, students can schedule a research consultation with one of our highly skilled librarians to identify specific search strategies and resources for papers and projects. Access to the Ask-a-Librarian Service is available by email, text or instant messaging.

Studying can be hard and intense work, but fortunately students do not have to leave the Library for breaks and refreshments. Our vending areas and Java City offer a variety of food and beverages.

Joyner Library will continue to provide quiet space for introspection and study on our second and third floors.

Our new partners in student learning, the Pirate Tutoring Center and University Writing Center, are an integral part of the Collaborative Learning Center and Joyner Library’s first floor experience.