OneStop Mobile

As difficult as it may be to believe now, East Carolina actually did exist before the advent of the Internet. Before e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook, students still scheduled courses, communicated with professors, and kept track of their grades. But after seeing OneStop Mobile, it’s hard to imagine how.

Last fall, ITCS released a new version of OneStop specifically designed for mobile devices like the iPhone and iPod Touch. Dubbed OneStop Mobile, the new release gives students the tools and resources available at OneStop no matter where they are on or off campus.

Thanks to 11 currently available applications, students have their academic lives in their hands. They can search the course catalog, calculate their GPA, check grades, see their course schedule, retrieve textbook listings, access Banner, schedule an appointment with an advisor, and even pay their bills.

“Our approach was to create a way to provide information to students while they are on the go, out doing things. The concept being, if you are at an administrator’s desk and he or she is asking a question about you—whether it be your Banner ID, or your GPA, or something like that—you have access to that information at your fingertips,” said Steven Forehand, senior software developer and project manager for OneStop Mobile.

In addition to the current iPhone and iPod Touch variations, a version of OneStop Mobile is now available for the Google Android line of mobile phones, with options for other platforms, such as Blackberry, to be developed as needed. According to Forehand, even more applications for students are in the works, as well as apps specifically for faculty and staff.


With all this functionality, it is no wonder that users are flocking to the OneStop Mobile.

“We’ve been gaining about 100 unique visitors a week. So we are up to about 1,900 users on campus who are actively using the product,” said Forehand.

OneStop Mobile is not an app like one might find at the Apple App Store. Instead, Forehand and his team of developers created a Web-based application that mimics the look of a traditional app. This innovative approach keeps student data secure by using the same 128-bit security measures used in the full version of OneStop, a security model that has been refined and tested over the past 10 years.

ITCS is also maintaining a blog for support and discussion of OneStop Mobile where students can learn more about the application. Feedback will be used to help determine what new features may be added in the future and will also continue to help developers understand how students use mobile devices.

“The goal all along was not simply to reproduce Onestop, but to think about why students are carrying a mobile device, what they use it for, where they use it, and then design an application that would be useful to students,” said Forehand.

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