Campus Welcomes Record Class

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Video game console: check. Coffee maker: check. Giant cult movie poster: sweet.

University-supplied carts helped make Move-In Day more convenient.

ECU welcomed back students this past weekend, included among them the largest freshman class in the university’s 100-year history. This year’s approximately 27,000-student enrollment includes 4,600 freshmen—many of whom began moving into residence halls on Thursday, August 14.

There was an atmosphere of controlled chaos as students and parents loaded up university-provided carts and waited in line to move into the west campus neighborhood residence halls. It was an orderly, if slow, process, and spirits were high among students eager to begin their college experience and parents eager to let them.

“We learned how to do this last year,” said sophomore Tory Cannon, of Swansboro, North Carolina, who was assisted by her mother and younger sister. “This one’s a breeze.”

For Eric Emery, father of a incoming freshman daughter, actually moving in was the easiest part of a process that included a seven-hour drive from their home in West Chester, Pennsylvania. It was a long trek, but worth it for his daughter to attend East Carolina.

A sampling of the "controlled chaos" of ECU's Move-In Day.

“She liked the campus. It’s safe and clean, and of everything, I think it’s where she felt most comfortable,” he said.

Students aren’t ever required to live on campus at ECU, but most freshmen choose to in order to get the full college experience. For sophomores like Cannon, the convenience of campus living makes it the best option.

“I like it here; that’s why I chose to live back on campus. I liked the room I was in, so I’m actually back in the same room this year,” said Cannon. “I do have a new roommate. So I’m excited about meeting her.”