Economic Prosperity in the East

Economic Prosperity in the East

ECU will create a strong, sustainable future for the East through education, innovation, investment, and outreach.

ECU contributes more than $3 billion to the North Carolina economy and is one of the top employers in Pitt and surrounding counties.

ECU’s Center for Sustainable Tourism works with the tourism industry to develop more sustainable policies through efforts such as reducing water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, developing land-use strategies, and generating feedback from local people. The university offers the only master of science in sustainable tourism degree in the United States.

The North Carolina Agromedicine Institute is improving the safety of agricultural professionals—farmers, foresters, and many more. Agriculture is a vital part of the economy, and the safety of its workers is important to families and the industry. Headquartered at ECU, the institute is a partnership between the university, North Carolina State University, and North Carolina A&T University.

East Carolina University is leading important research on coastal conservation and management through the expertise and resources of the Institute for Coastal Science and Policy.

ECU is an active partner with business and the public sector. The Community Enhancement and Economic Transformation Initiative offers grants of up to $75,000 to help spur development and offer guidance for stimulating the local economy. The Bureau of Business Research—the research arm of the College of Business—provides economic data and forecasting services essential to expanding business activity in the region.

The Municipal Management and Innovation Initiative provides small towns with additional administrative capacity via teams of ECU faculty, staff, students, and other partners to ensure the provision of important public services and to help with the coordination of community and economic development projects.

ECU is home to the Innovation Design Lab, a first-in-class ideation facility for multi-disciplinary, multi-organizational innovation partnerships.

Between the 2007 and 2010 fiscal years, ECU was issued a total of 24 patents—11 U.S. patents and 13 international patents from Europe and countries including Australia, South Korea, Norway, Great Britain, the Philippines, China, Canada, Mexico, and Indonesia.