Sea Hunt - Interactive Map

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North Carolina

Corolla Shore, North Carolina

Students and faculty analyzed a frame believed to date from the early 1600s, likely the oldest shipwreck found in NC.

Pasquotank River, North Carolina

Students have investigated the Elizabeth City's Ships' Graveyard, the largest collection of abandoned ships in the state.

Roanoke River, North Carolina

At Fort Branch, an earthen Civil War site in Hamilton, a field school recovered several cannons.

Tar River, North Carolina

The Old Sparta wreck lies underwater between Greenville and Tarboro.

United States

The Great Lakes Region

In 25 years of research, the program has investigated about 40 shipwrecks, including the steamships Monohansett and Joys.

Kure Atoll, Hawaii

Participating in the discovery and location of the USS Saginaw, a Civil War ship based in the Pacific.

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Diving on the USS Arizona, which sank during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, claiming more than 1,100 lives.

St. John's River, Florida

Dives on the Maple Leaf, a Union warship sunk by the Confederates with a full cargo in 1864. A well-preserved shipwreck with a full repository of goods.


For more than 25 years, researchers and students have explored the exquisitely rich underwater sites in Bermuda. In this video ECU researchers examine a sunken steamliner located at the old royal navy dockyard at the western end of Bermuda.


Research includes examining nautical archaeology from the Song to the early Ming Dynasties (960-1435).

Cyprus, Greece

Discoveries from an underwater survey of the shoreline included ceramics and vase pieces from the Roman period to the Ottoman period (early 20th Century).

South Africa

Surveys of sites yielded information about 19th-century and earlier canon and anchors carried aboard Dutch East Indiamen ships.

Stockholm, Sweden

Research on the Swedish warship Vasa, which dates to 1628.