ECU Field Journal: Summer Study Abroad


It is hard to capture in words the experience of going abroad. Meeting new people, immersing oneself in culture, practicing the language, and feeling the thrill of being on one’s own for six weeks were the best parts of the trip for me. Going to Argentina was a wonderful opportunity. Not only did I get to practice my Spanish, I met wonderful people. My housemates and I stayed with a family in Cordoba, a city of over a million people.

In addition to studying Spanish during the week, our group had the opportunity to travel on the weekends. In Buenos Aires, we toured the city, went to a professional tango show, and had time on our own to explore. In la Cumbrecitia, a small town near the Andes, we hiked and rode horseback through the hills. In Bariloche, a village in Patagonia, we rode ski lifts and zip-lined through the snow-covered mountains. We experience their sport as well. During our stay, our group watched the professional soccer team of Cordoba play.

My favorite part of the trip was hiking to a secluded farm at the foothills of the Andes and seeing the breathtaking scenery of the mountains and rivers surrounding it. The family that lives there goes without electricity and running water and has lived in the same area for two hundred years. It was pretty amazing to see a place where people chose to be completely secluded in nature.

To sum it all up, going abroad has definitely helped me realize how much of a global community we live in today and how important it is to understand the cultures of other areas of the world.

And for Monica's Spanish-speaking friends...

Es difícil explicar la experiencia de estudiar en otros países. Conocer a nuevas personas, sumergierte en la cultura, practicar la lengua, y sentir la emoción de viajar en solitario por seis semanas es una experiencia. Practiqué mi español y conocí a personas maravillosas. Estar en solitario en un país y una cultura diferente a la mia era una adventura que quiero hacer otra vez. Mis compañeros de cuarto y you no quedamso con una familia en una casa, en Córdoba, un ciudad de un millión habitants.

Además de estudiar español durante la semana, nuestro grupo viajo a lugares de los fines de semana. En Buenos Aires, recorrimos la ciudad, fuimos a un espectáculo de tango, y exploramos en solitarios. En la Cumbrecita, caminamos y montamos a caballos por las montanas. En Bariloche, en la region de Patagonia, montamos a remontes, caminamos por las montanas y navegamos en barco en un lago.

La Cumbrecita fue a parte favorita del viaje. Caminamos por las montanas a una granja apartada que no tenía electricidad ni agua para los banos. Todo era natural y la familia había vivido alla por doscientos anos. La granja estaba cerca de los Andes y el escenaria era hermoso. Además de estas aventuras, miramos el equipo de Cordoba jugar al fútbol.

Estudiar en otro país me ha ayudado a darme cuenta de que vivimos en una sociedad global y es importante enteder las culturas de otras areas del mundo.


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