Treasured Tunes

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Welcome to East Carolina University's Treasured Tunes, a podcast series in which professors from the School of Music offer commentary about selected musical compositions and performances. From state-of-the-art facilities, to world-renowned music professors, the School of Music is one of the premier music schools in the Southeast. Let Treasured Tunes offer a glimpse into the fascinating world of ECU's musical prowess. Please sit back and enjoy the music.

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Stream the podcast, read a Q&A with each professor, and access transcripts below:

Episode 8
featuring Christine Gustafson

published on 8/21/2011

Christine Gustafson, professor of flute at East Carolina University, shares a jazz-inspired duet between flute and piano.

Episode 7
featuring Scott Carter

published on 7/21/2011

Scott Carter, director of the School of Music Symphonic Wind Ensemble, shares and conducts a composition inspired by Superman comics.

Episode 1
featuring Elliot Frank

published on 1/18/2011

Dr. Elliot Frank, guitarist and music professor at ECU, shares his thoughts about a recital of classical guitar pieces written by South American composers.

Episode 3
featuring Jocelyn Nelson

published on 2/23/2011

Professor Dr. Jocelyn Nelson, who specializes in renaissance guitar performance, offers commentary on a selection of pieces from her most recent CD, Ma Guiterre je te chante.

Episode 5
featuring Catherine Garner

published on 4/5/2011

Dr. Catherine Garner, professor and pianist, leads the way in sharing the accomplishments of women composers throughout history.

Episode 2
featuring Tom McCaslin

published on 2/7/2011

Tom McCaslin, professor of tuba and euphonium, shares his commentary and performance on a piece written by one of his mentors.

Episode 4
featuring Mark Richardson

published on 3/11/2011

Professor Dr. Mark Richardson, teacher of music theory and composition, sheds light on the inspiration behind his composition Moonscape.

Episode 6
featuring Christopher Ulffers

published on 5/3/2011

Christopher Ulffers on bassoon, along with the East Carolina University Chamber Singers, premiered a piece written by Norwegian composer Egil Hovland.