Treasured Tunes featuring Tom McCaslin

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Podcast Transcript


Welcome to Treasured Tunes, where professors from the East Carolina School of Music are offering commentary about selected musical pieces. Please sit back and enjoy the music.

Tom McCaslin Speaking

My name is Tom McCaslin and I am the professor of tuba and euphonium at East Carolina University. The piece I’d like to share with you is entitled Relentless Grooves to Armenia by Sam Pilafian. It is the second in a series of pieces for tuba and pre recorded accompaniment. In this case, there is percussion for movements two and four and droning tubas for movements one and three.

Sam Pilafian is professor of tuba and euphonium at Arizona State University and is best known as a founding member of Empire Brass Quintet. In recent years, he has moved on to composing and arranging.

I had the great pleasure of doing my graduate studies with him and was his teaching assistant at Arizona State University. This music reflects his Armenian ancestry and incorporates the Armenian folksongs and rhythms of his childhood. It appears as the first track on my first solo CD, Inside Out, which was released on Crystal Records in 2009.

Please enjoy.

Music playing composed by Sam Pilafian(Relentless Grooves II: Armenia, 4 movements,  performed by Tom McCaslin)

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