Trustees Fountain

The new fountain will have improved seating and a more impressive plume. It will also feature plaques containing the names of ECU's trustees. Construction is scheduled to begin August 25, and should be completed by December 1.

Also new with this version of the fountain, is the Wright Circle Web cam. The camera will broadcast the fountain's construction live on ECU’s Web site, and will remain pointed at the fountain after its completion to offer a perpetual link to campus for ECU’s family and friends far away.

For some alumni, the presence of a fountain on campus is integral to their emotional connection to the university. By rebuilding the fountain, ECU is recognizing that fact.

“The Wright Circle Fountain is like a legend that has been there and will always be there to remind the alumni of our treasured ECU days, and to encourage the current students to strive to make it their legend of success,” said Dry. “Just as the water flowed from the fountain, we need to keep the ECU spirit flowing with alumni, faculty, students, and prospective students. We need the Fountain back in the Wright Circle to help us remember where we came from with pride and courage to push even higher.”

M. L. Wright would undoubtedly approve of the new fountain and the university's continued efforts to improve campus. He established a tradition of beauty at ECU, and as the university continues to grow, it is clear that Wright’s impact is still felt today. The care and consideration given to the design of buildings and use of land around campus is evidence of that.

It is fitting that ECU would look back to the heart of its campus even as so much attention is garnered elsewhere. Expansion has created the need for the Health Sciences Campus and the facilities of the West Research Campus, but when people think of East Carolina, they will remember with fondness Main Campus, the Mall, and once again, a fountain at Wright Circle.