Ec Scholars Honors College

“I will have the ability to freely explore my passions as I can better learn about the world and the people around me.”

Clayton, North Carolina

High School:
Corinth Holders High School

Intended Major:
Undecided (Pre-med track)

Class of 2021

Phoenix Little
Building strong connections

When Phoenix Little visited East Caroling University during the Summer Ventures program before her junior year of high school, she felt right at home. When she learned she had been named an EC Scholar, that feeling was confirmed and renewed.

"I am looking forward to having the feeling of a smaller campus and community with all of the benefits and excitement of a big university," Little said.

Those benefits including building strong connections with fellow students and community members, she added.

Little, 17, the daughter of Venus and Terry Little, is one of the newest EC Scholars. EC Scholars is the most prestigious undergraduate award program offered at ECU. The four-year merit scholarship recognizes outstanding academic performance, commitment to community engagement and strong leadership skills. Recipients receive an Honors College scholarship for four years, along with a stipend for study abroad, for a total value of almost $62,000.

The scholarship brings with it the opportunity to study abroad, and Little is excited about the potential places she'll go. She enjoys the Spanish language and culture, so she is considering Spain, but also feels called to experience a completely new culture, like that of Japan.

"I want to have the opportunity to be immersed in a totally different environment from that in which I have grown up in," she said.

In summers past, Little has participated in Summer Ventures in science and math as well as Governor's School, so she is looking forward to enjoying a quieter summer working, visiting the beach and preparing for her first semester at ECU.

"I have always been very active in service and school and community events, and I look forward to continuing that on a larger scale," she said. "I have heard of so many amazing clubs, events and activities that I would like to take part in."

Little has not yet chosen an academic major - she is considering psychology or neuroscience -but has been accepted to the early assurance program at the Brody School of Medicine at ECU where she hopes to begin her post-graduate journey. She also is a social sciences scholar.

"I am so grateful to have been able to partake in such an amazing opportunity," she said, "and I cannot wait to see the new adventures that these next years will bring."

-Spaine Stephens