ECU students enjoy study abroad in Italy

July 21, 2014

ECU News Services

Words alone seemed insufficient, so faculty and students who lived and studied this spring in the heart of Tuscany shared their experiences through the video posted above. The video illustrates a semester with Italy Intensives – East Carolina University's only year-round study abroad program for all students, from all majors, even freshmen and sophomores.

The program allows students to earn credits while making their home in the medieval walled village of Certaldo Alto, Italy. Program director Linda Darty said that aerial shots of the village taken with a drone camera are featured in the video, along with images from additional excursions in Italy. The movie ends with a glimpse of Certaldo's annual Medieval Dinner, she said.

For less than the cost of a semester's out-of-state tuition at ECU, students may earn 3 to 7 credits during summer sessions or 12 to 18 credits during 90-day fall or spring semesters. Students of all levels earn social science, humanities, fine arts, exercise and science foundation credits taking classes in art, music, history, theater, literature, science, exercise and Italian language. Lodging, meals, additional excursions and activities are included in the cost.

Italy Intensives began as a summer abroad opportunity in 2008 and extended to year-round in 2011. Since 2008, 475 ECU students have traveled to Italy through the program. In the fall, spring and summer sessions for academic year 2013-14, 100 students participated.

Enrollment is now open for fall 2014 and spring 2015. Learn more at www.ecu.edu/italyintensives and at italyintensives.tumblr.com/.


Video producers included Italy Intensives program director Linda Darty, UNCSA graduate Warren Smith, visiting artists Bob Gosse and Lauren Vilchik, ECU professor Mike Dermody and ECU graduates Richard Gordy and Giancarlo Bauzulli.