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Crime Forum Studies Safety

Crime prevention was the subject of a panel discussion organized by the ECU Neighborhood Coalition Nov. 14.

Community members, police, university and student members addressed the recent concerns over the safety of Greenville’s downtown area.

The meeting, titled, “Take Back the community — What can we do to increase safety?” provided a forum for property investors, community watch groups, Greek life, students, university police and city officials.
ECU police chief Robert Stroud said the ECU Police Department is dedicated to the safety of the citizens.

“We ultimately would like to deter what happened,” he said. “We are re-dedicating our efforts in public safety.”

Michelle Lieberman, ECU’s student neighborhood relations facilitator, led the meeting and reminded attendants that her office is available to the community for assistance.

The Neighborhood Action Hotline is 328-5499. The next ECU Neighborhood Coalition meeting is slated for Dec. 12.

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