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ECU technology systems professor David Batts (left), named Advisor of the Year by the Student Activities Center, speaks with the Center’s assistant director Alex Davis at a Nov. 8 luncheon. The Student Activities Center support faculty advisers through forums, recognition and literature. (Photo by Joy Holster)

Center Honors Faculty Efforts for Student Organizations

The Student Activities Center in ECU’s Division of Student Life on Nov. 8 hosted a student organization Adviser Luncheon titled “Advisement and Inspiring Student Groups.” Guest speaker was David Batts, assistant professor of Technology Systems, who was named “Adviser of the Year” for 2005-06.

The Adviser of the Year award honors a faculty or staff member who has demonstrated exceptional service and leadership as a student organization advisor. Batts is one of nearly 137 faculty members who volunteer their efforts to guide student leaders in ECU student organizations.

These faculty advisers “have jobs that are demanding” said Levy Brown, associate director of the Student Activities Center. They take on this additional commitment to attend meetings and organizational events, and interact with students to motivate, direct, and develop students’ leadership potential.

“It’s a commitment, on the low end, of at least two to five hours a week,” Brown said. The faculty adviser “works with students to ensure they have enriching service-related experiences,” he said.

Advisers serve as a liaison between the organizations and ECU administrators; assist with budget development and execution; and monitor organizational activities to ensure that the groups abide by university policies and procedures.

In support of their efforts, the Student Activities Center provides recognition and support through regular adviser forums and literature. Each spring, the center holds the Recognition for Outstanding Leadership and Service awards night which allows groups to show appreciation to their advisers.

In addition, Pieces of Eight will recognize the commitment made by faculty advisers by publishing their names and the names of the student organizations they advise. While space limitations do not allow publication of all advisers’ names in one issue, subsequent issues will include additional names until all advisers have been listed. The first listing of student organizations, faculty advisors and faculty departmental information follows:

African Students’ Organization, Anthony Hayford (Chemistry) ; Alpha Delta Pi, Jennifer Hodgson (Child Development and Family Relations); Alpha Epsilon Delta, Gerhard Kalmus (Biology); Alpha Kappa Alpha, Shelia Bunch (Marriage and Family Therapy); Alpha Kappa Delta, Kenneth Wilson (Sociology); Alpha Kappa Psi, Shanan Gibson (Management); Alpha Omicron Pi, Michael Brown (Psychology); Alpha Phi, Kay Christian (Greek Life) ; Alpha Phi Alpha, Derrance Hughes (Counseling and Student Development); Alpha Phi Omega, John Howard (Communication); Alpha Phi Sigma, Nancie J Mangels (Criminal Justice); Alpha Xi Delta, Ion Outterbridge (Greek Life); Alternative Spring Break, Gretchen Brockmann (Campus Living/Housing); Ambassadors, Karen Clough (Alumni Association); American Assembly for Men in Nursing, Philip Julian (Medicine); American Choral Director’s Association, Daniel Bara (Music); American Fisheries Society, Roger Rulifson (Coastal and Marine Resources); American Medical Association, Charles Willson (Medicine); American Medical Student Association, Jean-luc Scemama (Biology); American Music Therapy Association, Barbara Memory (Music); American Society of Interior Designers, Hunt McKinnon (Human Ecology); American Society of Safety Engineers, David Batts (Technology Systems); Americorps, Charis Tucker (Education); Anthropology Student Organization, Charles Ewen (Anthropology); Apostolic Campus Ministry, Kenneth Jacobs (Physics); Apparel and Interior Merchandising Organization, Chen Runying (Human Ecology); Arab Student Union, Derek Maher (Philosophy); Army Cadet Association, Dan Heape (Military Science); Arnold Air Society, Dennis Millsap (Aerospace Studies); Art Education Guild, Mark Malley (Art); Art History Guild, Ron Graziani (Art) and Asian Student Association, Xiaoming Zeng (Allied Health Sciences).

Also Bachelor of Social Work Student Association, Margaret Arnd-Caddigan (Human Ecology); Beta Alpha Psi, Doug Schneider (Accounting); Beta Gamma Psi Co-Ed Fraternity, Reginald Watson (English); Beta Theta Pi, Laura Sweet (Ombudsman); B-Glad, Aaron Lucier (Campus Living); Biology GS Association, Gerhard Kalmus (Biology); Black Student Nurse Association, Walter Houston (Academic Support and Enrichment); Black Student Union, Chris Innis (ITCS); Breakthrough Campus Ministry, Dionne Fornville (Ledonia Wright Cultural Center); Buddhist Meditation and Study Group, Robert Bunger (Anthropology); and Budo Taijutsu Club, Gray Hodges (Recreational Services).

Also Cadet Wing Association, Martin Guion (Aerospace Studies); Campus Crusade for Christ, John Bradley (Decision Sciences); Angela Lamson (Human Ecology); Ceramics Guild, Seo Eo (Art); Chemistry Club, Robert Hammond (Chemistry); Chemistry Graduate Student, Art Rodriguez (Chemistry); Chi Alpha, Debbie Gardner (Music); Chi Alpha Omega, Krista Wilhelm (University Union); Chi Omega Sorority (Rho Zeta), Kathy Brown (University Development); Chi Phi, Geoffrey Thompson (Communication); Child Life Student Association, Priti Desai (Human Ecology); Club Baseball, Club Basketball, and Club Racquetball, Gray Hodges (Recreational Services); Coastal Society, Lauriston King (Coastal Resources Management); College Democrats, David Conradt (Political Science); College Hill Suites Hall Government, Hanna Zhu (Campus Living); College Republicans, Nancy Spalding (Political Science); Collegiate Middle Level Association Middle Grades Club, Johna Faulconer (Education); Collide Ministries, Cathy Wilkerson (Mathematics); Communication Graduate Student Association, Linda Kean (Communication); Computer Science Organization, Robert Hoggard (Computer Science); Council on Family Relations, Elizabeth Carroll (Human Ecology); and Counselor Education Association, Scott Glass (Education).

A comprehensive list of student organizations and their faculty advisors is available at http://www.at.ecu.edu/org/index.cfm.

Student Activities Center staff also include Alex Davis, assistant director; Angel Parker, assistant director; and Darlene Langley, administrative assistant.

For additional information, contact the Student Activities Center at 109 Mendenhall Student Center, telephone 328-4796, or e-mail studentactivitiescenter@ecu.edu.

This page originally appeared in the Dec. 8, 2006 issue of Pieces of Eight. Complete issue is archived at http://www.ecu.edu/news/poe/Arch.cfm.