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Lt. Col. Steve Delvaux, ECU ROTC Commander, raised more than $11,000 to benefit wounded soldiers by running in the 26.2-mile Annual Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. (Contributed photo)

ECU ROTC Commander Surpasses Goal, Raises 11K for Wounded Soldiers’ Charity

By Jeannine Manning Hutson

Lt. Col. Steve Delvaux ran 26.2 miles and raised $11,740 for a charity that aids wounded soldiers in military hospitals across the country on Oct. 28th in the 32nd Annual Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C.

Delvaux, who arrived at ECU in June as professor of military science and battalion commander of ECU’s Army ROTC program, had hoped to raise $10,000 for Azalea Charity’s Aid for Wounded Soldiers project.

He was the top fund raiser of those registered to run the marathon for the charity, who together raised $69,017.

Azalea Charity is a non-profit organization that raises money to provide comfort and relief items to soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines sick or injured from service in Iraq or Afghanistan. In addition to providing items to soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., where many injured soldiers are sent when they first return to the United States after their injury, the group assists the Durham VA Medical Center and the Wounded Warriors Barracks at Camp Lejeune.

During his time in Washington, Delvaux and his older son were able to visit wounded soldiers at Walter Reed, including a soldier who lost the lower half of left leg on Sept. 11, 2007 during a firefight in Baghdad. Delvaux described the experience “as the highlight of the weekend.”

“The Walter Reed that we saw that Monday morning after the race was immaculate and all the soldiers who we met were upbeat and dealing with their injuries with a resolute can-do spirit that is in keeping with the finest traditions of the Army’s warrior credos,” he said.

Before joining ECU, Delvaux spent the last four years serving in the 187th Infantry Regiment, the Army’s famed “Iron Rakkasans,” as part of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), based at Fort Campbell, Ky. With the 101st Airborne Division, Delvaux deployed to Iraq in 2003 for eight months and in 2005 for another tour, returning home in September 2006.

And while he ran the marathon, Delvaux wore an ECU T-shirt, which he said earned cheers of “Go Pirates” and “Go East Carolina” from by-standers.

Delvaux crossed the finish line with a time of 3:18:35.

“For my efforts, I won the privilege of being able to run another 26.2 miles in Boston next spring, if I choose to,” he said.



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