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Aaron Lucier, associate director of Campus Living at ECU, gives back to the community through his efforts for PiCASO, an agency that supports people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. (Photo by Judy Currin)

Lucier Takes to Heart ECU Commitment 'To Serve'

In coordination with the Recognition and Rewards Committee of the ECU Staff Senate, the Pieces of Eight series honoring exceptional ECU staff recognizes Aaron Lucier.

By Judy Currin

Shortly after completing his graduate studies at Florida State University, Aaron Lucier lost a friend and mentor to the AIDS virus. The year was 1993, and since then, Lucier has continued to champion the cause through his association with the Pitt County Aids Service Organization (PiCASO).

“PiCASO is a non-profit agency supported by the United Way and dedicated to providing support services for people living with the HIV disease and to slowing the spread of HIV in our communities,” said Lucier, associate director for Campus Living at ECU.

“Dan’s death had a profound effect on me,” Lucier said. “He was the most together person I’ve ever known. His attitude was to do the best he could for as long as he could.”

Now serving his fourth term as board president for the organization, Lucier feels it is important to make service to the community part of his life.

The mission of PiCASO is to prevent the transmission of HIV through educational outreach to Pitt and surrounding counties in eastern North Carolina. The group also provides culturally sensitive and individually focused support to those living with, and who are affected by HIV/AIDS.

Lucier’s duties as president are far-reaching. He keeps the books, speaks with the press, and works directly with the United Way to lead their annual fundraisers.

“PiCASO’s Rocker-thon, held in March, raised over $1,000,” Lucier said. “Our Holiday Wishes tree will be in Colonial Mall Nov. 20 through Dec. 15.” On Dec. 24, the organization will be gift-wrapping for donations at Barnes and Noble.

Lucier’s position with Campus Living allows him the opportunity to serve as a role model for students through campus organizations like B-GLAD and ECU Healthy Pirates. B-GLAD, founded in 1994, is a student, faculty and staff group for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and supportive individuals at ECU. ECU Healthy Pirates trains students to promote health programs and assist their peers in evaluating personal lifestyle behavior

“B-GLAD is an organization dedicated to the promotion of diversity awareness and education on campus as well as in the community,” Lucier said.

The Volunteer and Service-Learning Center is another resource for students who want to become involved with the community to find opportunities for doing so, he said.

“I love that ECU’s motto is ‘to serve,’ because it is descriptive of the university, but it can also be viewed as a command,” Lucier said.

“As faculty, staff and students that are granted a large part of our resources from the citizens of this state, we have an obligation to give back,” he said.

“Direct service to those who need it most is just one of the ways ECU gives back.”

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