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ECU To Test Warning System

On Dec. 16, ECU is scheduled to begin testing in preparation for installing outdoor speakers throughout campus.

The test is the first step in installing an outdoor emergency notification system to serve both east and west campus buildings, according to Tom Pohlman of ECU’s Environmental Health & Safety.

“This system will alert individuals of dangerous situations which may affect the safety of our community,” Pohlman said. “We are conducting this test to ascertain the best locations for audible and understandable outdoor notification.”

During the testing, people will hear two different tones, said Martin Jackson with ECU’s Information Technology and Computing Services. One sound is a high/low tone (not a siren) and the other is the sound of water splashing.

“Using these tones allows us to predict how the sound works at various distances on campus, and if it’s understood and heard well at varying distances from the speakers,” Jackson said.

The results will determine how many speakers the university needs to reach people outdoors on campus and on which buildings to place them to reach people outdoors on campus.

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