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In Memoriam

January 2011

Mark Brinson (Retired, Biology) died Jan. 3.

Anne E. Kellogg (Medicine) died Jan. 23.

Bradley L. Novotny, son of William Novotny (Pediatrics), died Jan. 24.

November 2010

Lisa M. Corbett (Nutritionist for Infectious Diseases) died Nov. 9. She was the wife of Reide Corbett (Geology).

October 2010

James Earl Manning Sr. (formerly Medicine) died Oct. 15.

September 2010

William Earl Brinkley Jr. (former president, Pirate Club), died Sept. 28.

Anna W. Hudson (Medicine) died Sept. 18.

Wayne C. Williams (retired, Health Sciences Communication) died Sept. 13.

Lara Bailey Lee (former ADPi Housemother) died Sept. 12.

Relly H. Wanderman (Foreign Languages and Literatures) died Sept. 5.

July/August 2010

Jill Hardy Hollis, wife of Cliff Hollis (News and Communication Services), died Aug. 31.

Letha Dixon Sumerlin (retired, recreational coordinator) died Aug. 30.

Lynn H. Orr, Jr. (Cardiovascular Sciences) died Aug. 17.

Opal Hood (retired, Pediatrics), wife of Charles Daeschner (Pediatrics) died Aug. 8.

William Henry Cobb V (formerly History) died Aug. 1.

Ennis L. Chestang (professor emeritus, Geography) died July 31.

May/June 2010

Mary Elizabeth Dupree Grimes (retired) died June 18.

Thomas "Rock" Roggeman (Athletics) died June 14.

Janice B. Tovey (English) died June 12.

Ted Kushnick (formerly Pediatrics, Developmental Evaluation Center) died May 1.

Carol E. Hignite (retired, Registrar's office) died May 8.

Irwin S. "John" Johnsrude (formerly Medicine) died May 16.

Maria T. Zincone (formerly Allied Health), died May 21. She was the wife of L.H. "Buddy" Zincone Jr. (retired, Business).

Nicole Aronson (formerly Foreign Languages and Literatures) died May 20. She was ex-wife to Stuart Aronson (retired, Continuing Education).

Margaret Moore Schiller (retired, Home Economics, Biology) died May 23.

April 2010

George A. Weimer (formerly Medicine) died April 15.

Franceine Perry Rees (retired, News and Communication Services) died April 2.

March 2010

Kathy Taft, member of the State Board of Education, ECU graduate and former ECU instructor in Health Education, died March 9.

February 2010

Meta Downes (Allied Health) died Feb. 24.

Autry Bowen, husband of Janice S. Bowen (Academic Affairs), died Feb. 22.

David "Rod" Compton (Health Education and Promotion) died Feb. 12.

Kati Bray Strickland (Family Medicine) died Feb. 10.

Penny Buzzard, mother of Jacquelyn Leebrick (Art and Design) and mother-in-law of Gil Leebrick (Art and Design), died Feb. 9.

Robert L. Hause III (retired, Music) died Feb. 4.

Sylvia Martha Iwanowski English (retired, Nursing) died Feb. 3.

Cynthia S. Jones (Joyner Library) died Feb. 1.

January 2010

Edith Webber (retired, English) died Dec. 26.

Nancy Jane Miller Houston (Education) died Dec. 31. 

Dorothy B. Sheerer, mother of Marilyn Sheerer (Academic Affairs) died Jan. 10.

Elaine Mayo Paul (retired, History) died Jan. 15.

December 2009

Robert Wallace Howard (formerly board of directors, ECU Foundation) died Nov. 23.

Paul Jerome Hartley Jr. (Art and Design) died Nov. 26.

Mamie Johnson White, mother of Ramona W. Williams (Health Sciences Personnel) died Nov. 29.

Debbie Hartsell (Medicine) died Nov. 30.

November 2009

Martha Ann Turner Donley, mother of Larry Donley (Career Center) died Oct. 20.

Edward Earl Hollowell (formerly Medicine) died Nov. 9.

W. Keats Sparrow (dean emeritus, Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences) died Nov. 11.

John Lindsay Winstead (retired, Medicine) died Nov. 11.

Sara Magdeline Storey Batten (formerly Joyner Library) died Nov. 16.

October 2009

Christine W. Helms (professor emeritus, Biology) died Sept. 23.

Hannah F. Daniels (professor emeritus, Business Education) died Oct. 4.