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December 2010/January 2011

Margaret Wilson (Dental Medicine) in The Daily Reflector on dental school admissions, Dec. 2.

Adam Asch (Medicine) in The Daily Reflector on the effectiveness of low-dose aspirin in reducing cancer deaths, Dec. 9.

Arlette Whitaker (ECU Dialysis Center) and Wanda Grant (Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center) on WITN-TV News, on the legacy of Elizabeth Edwards, Dec. 9.

Bob Hoyer (Pediatrics) on WNCT-TV News and in The Daily Reflector, on a link provided by the ECU Telemedicine Center between the N.C. School for the Deaf in Wilson and the North Pole, Dec. 15-16.

James Hupp (Dental Medicine) in The Daily Reflector on the ECU School of Dental Medicine, Jan. 2 and on a new dental school outreach site, Jan. 20.

James Kleckley (Business Research) in The Charlotte Observer on unemployment and the economy, Jan. 4, and in the News and Observer on the outlook for recovery, Dec. 26.

Darrell Neufer (Diabetes and Obesity Institute) in the News and Observer on research to prevent diabetes, Jan. 4.

Jeffrey Bethel (Public Health) in the L.A. Times, regarding Americans being unprepared for health crises, Jan. 12.

November 2010

Paul Walker (Medicine) and Taylor Bell (Leo Jenkins Cancer Center) on WITN-TV News, on cancer as the leading cause of death in North Carolina. Bell was also featured in an article on Fox News about her experience with lung cancer, Nov. 3.

Dorcas O'Rourke (Comparative Medicine) and Ken Soderstrom (Pharmacology) on WNCT- TV News on the importance of animal research, Nov. 9.

Hunt McKinnon (Interior Design and Merchandising) in The Washington Daily News on ECU student designs for a makeover of the town's old City Hall, Nov. 11.

Randy Daniel and Charles Ewen (Archaeology) in the Daily Reflector on the Secotan Indian Village on Bath Creek, Nov. 14 and 17.

Sharon Ben-Or (Medicine) in The Daily Reflector on his Nov. 10 work performing the first robotic lung resection in North Carolina, Nov. 18.

October 2010

Leonard Trujillo (Occupational Therapy) was featured for his work in assistive technology in an interview and newsletter posted by The Family Center on Technology and Disability, “AT Assessments: The Right Device Is the Best Device,” September 2010.  

David P. Cistola (Research and Graduate Studies) on the N.C. Public Radio program, “The State of Things,” as a panelist discussing returning from war, Sept. 22. An archived audio version can be found at

John Franklin (Director of Athletic Bands) in The Daily Reflector on the music of marching bands, Sept. 26.

Jalil Roshandel (Security Studies) on WCTI-12 News, Sept. 29 and on WITN-TV News, Sept. 28, regarding his reaction to the Florida pastor who planned to burn the Quran. He was also quoted in an article titled, “Should we take President Ahmadinejad Seriously” in the Slovak Journal, Sept. 28 (English version at
Peter Francia (Political Science) in the Connecticut Mirror, on Connecticut’s political donors, Oct. 1.

David Stewart and Lynn Harris (Maritime Studies) in The Daily Reflector on work conducted by Maritime Studies students, Oct. 3.

William Chapman (Bariatric and Minimally Invasive Surgery) on WITN-TV news  on the Walk From Obesity, Oct. 6.

John O’Brien (Music) in The Daily Reflector, on the use of his residence, The Music House, for concerts and practice, Oct. 18.

Stephanie West-Puckett (English) in The Daily Reflector, on a project to explore the history of black schools in Pitt County, Oct. 19.

William Dalzell (Pediatrics) on WITN-TV News on whooping cough, Oct. 20.

September 2010

Larry Boyer (Academic Library Services) in The Daily Reflector, on Joyner Library’s new Collaborative Learning Center, Sept. 1.

Siddhartha Mitra (Geology) in The National Geographic ( on effects of hurricanes on the BP oil spill in the Gulf, Sept. 1.

Todd Savitt (Bioethics) on “The State of Things,” N.C. Public radio, on the 100th anniversary of the discovery of sickle-cell disease and ECU’s sickle-cell education events, Sept. 8.

Janie Owens (Campus Dining) in The Daily Reflector on the ECU farmers market, Sept. 9.

July/August 2010

Robert Schosser (Medicine) in The Daily Reflector on sun safety, July 11.

Carmen Russoniello (Health and Human Performance) in The Daily Reflector on a biofeedback program that combats post traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury in Marines, July 14.

Katie Walsh (Health Education and Promotion) in USA Today on safety in school sports, July 19.

Jim Fletcher (Medicine) in on his research using scorpion venom, July 31.

Virginia Hardy (Student Affairs), Sue Molhan (ECU Police) and Dawn Tevepaugh (ECU Police) in the Rocky Mount Telegram on campus safety, Aug. 10.

Charles Ewen (Anthropology) in the Washington Daily News, on the native American village known as Secotan, Aug. 24.

Linda Mitchell (Child Development Laboratory) and Marilyn Sheerer (Provost) in The Daily Reflector, on the new inclusive playground at the ECU Child Development Laboratory, Aug. 25.

May/June 2010

Samuel Sears (Psychology, Cardiovascular Sciences) on WNCT-TV News on the benefits of random acts of kindness, May 5.

Kristina Simeonsson (Pediatrics) on WNCT-TV News on recalled Johnson & Johnson children’s medicines, May 5.

Cal Hayslip (Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Services), Nel Roberts (Lab supervisor) and patient, on WCTI-TV news on the success of ECU’s in vitro fertilization program, May 21.

Joseph J. Luczkovich (Biology) in The Daily Reflector on the effect on North Carolina of the Gulf oil spill, May 22.

Carmen Russoniello (Recreation and Leisure Studies) in the TechJournal South on improvements in decision-making among people who played casual online games, June 1.

Maggie Wilson (Dental Medicine) in The Daily Reflector, on the beginning of admissions to ECU’s dental school, June 3.

Bradley Rodgers
(Maritime Studies) in The Virginian Pilot and The News and Observer, on a shipwreck exposed by winter storms, June 4 and 6.

Sid Mitra (Geology) and David Kimmel (Biology) on WNCT-TV news on their work related to the Gulf oil spill reaching the N.C. coast, June 8.

J.P. Walsh, Sid Mitra and David Kimmel (Geology) with Sue McRae (Biology), in The Daily Reflector on a panel discussion regarding the BP oil spill’s effects on North Carolina, June 14.

Kim Larson (Nursing) in The Daily Reflector on a summer trip by ECU students to help people of Guatemala, June 17.

Paul Cunningham (Medicine) on “Talk of the Town” radio show, on recent accomplishments at the Brody School of Medicine, June 18.

Charles Phillips (Medicine) on WCTI-TV, on avoiding skin cancer, June 23.

Nancy Stephenson and Allison Hope (Nursing) in The Daily Reflector on Nursing assistance to a nursing school in Haiti, June 23.

Francis G. Serio (Clinical Affairs) on WNCT-TV  and WCTI-TV news, regarding mission trip in Dominican Republic, June 28 and 30.

April 2010

John Olsson (Medicine) on WNCT-TV News, on an increase in sudden infant death syndrome in 2008 in N.C., March 17.

Debbie O’Neal (Education) in The Daily Reflector, on a new language academy at ECU to help international students make a smoother transition to the university, March 21.

Paul R. G. Cunningham (Medicine) with medical students A. Hink and B. Reynolds, on WNCT-TV News and WITN-TV News, on the health care reform bill’s effect on Brody School of Medicine, March 22.

Dindy Reich (Art and Design) in The Daily Reflector, on the Youth Arts Festive, March 24.
Charles Ewen (Archaeology) in the Wilmington Star News on artifacts found in  Southport, March 27.

Bradley Rodgers (Maritime Studies) in the Washington Daily News, on an antique cannon cleaned and preserved at ECU, April 6 and 12.

Stan Riggs (Geology) on in an article titled, “Nine coastal wonders to see now,” April 7.

John Rummel (Coastal Science and Policy) in the Newport News, Va. Daily Press, on fighting sea level rises by rebuilding eroded beaches, April 7.

Tony Polito (Business) in a SmartMoney Magazine article titled, “10 Things Your Airline Won’t Tell You,” April 8.

Dale Newton (Medicine) on Discovery Health episode, “The baby who smelled like pancakes,” on an unusual diagnosis by ECU physicians, April 12 and 17.

Jalil Roshandel (Security Studies) regarding the nuclear summit in Washington -- a live BBC News broadcast using web cam, in Persian broadcast to Farsi-speaking countries, April 13; and quoted in TrendNews Azerbaijan in their news web sites in Russian, English and Persian, April 16. Regarding S300 missiles delivery to Iran, quoted in Trend News Azerbaijan on their web sites, April 15; and interviewed with WIN TV in Washington about U.S. policy on Iran’s nuclear program, April 15.

Sylvia Brown (Nursing) on WNCT-TV and in The Daily Reflector, on Diversity Day 2010, Up with Nursing in Haiti, April 15 and 18.

March 2010

Kyle Summers (Biology) on BBC News, on the discovery of a monogamous amphibian, Feb. 23.

Mary Raab (Medicine) on the Talk of the Town radio show, regarding Friends of the Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center, March 5.

Dave Tulis (Medicine) in The Daily Reflector, on increased research funding at ECU, March 5.

Emily Bray (Medicine) on WITN-TV news, on helping families cope with Alzheimer’s disease, March 10.

John Rummel (Coastal Science and Policy) in Signon San Diego on finding life beyond Earth, March 15.

Jason Bond
(Biology) in USA Today, on documenting tarantulas, March 15.

W. Randolph Chitwood Jr.
(Heart Institute) in The Charlotte Observer, on robotic surgery, March 16.

February 2010

Terry Holland (Athletics) In The New York Times, on effects of the Big Ten Conference expansion on the college sports world, Jan. 30.

Jalil Roshandel (Political Science), interviewed by WIN TV (Washington, D.C.), which broadcasts in the U.S. and in Iran by satellite. Roshandel spoke on attempts to impose a new set of sanctions through the UN’s Security Council because of Iran’s nuclear activities and lack of cooperation with the international community, Feb. 1.

Wayne Cascio (Medicine) on WNCT-TV, on women and heart disease in eastern North Carolina, Feb. 3.

Tom Irons (Regional Health Services) on WITN-TV News regarding students Jamande Jones and Geniene Loucas, married in Africa during a mission trip, Feb. 4.

Jonathan Firnhaber (Family Medicine) in The Triangle Business Journal, on migraines and side effects of medications, Feb. 5.

Tim Kelley (Environmental Health Sciences) on WITN-TV News regarding bacteria growth on reusable grocery bags, Feb. 10.

Robert Lange (Admissions) in The New Bern Sun Journal on the “Degree in Three Program” that ECU is phasing out, Feb. 11.

January 2010

Lesley Lutes (Psychology) in The Daily Reflector, on her research on the effect of small changes on weight loss, Jan. 3.

Timothy Reeder (Emergency Medicine) in The Daily Reflector, on potential injuries caused by BB gun, Jan. 5.

Rick Niswander (Business) in The Daily Reflector, on his speech for the Greenville-Pitt Chamber regarding the local economy, Jan. 6.

Angela Anderson (Registrar) in The Daily Reflector, on availability of ECU textbooks and tuition payments online, Jan. 7.

Eva Price (Health and Human Performance) on ECU's physical education program for homeschooled students, Jan. 7.

Paul Cunningham (Medicine on Health Care Reform in the Washington Daily News, Jan. 10.

Nicholas Rupp (Economics) in The Daily Reflector, on the upswing in gas prices, Jan. 10.

Stanley Riggs
(Geology) in The Daily Reflector, on solar and oceanic energy, Jan. 11; and in The Star News - Wilmington, Jan. 14, on rising sea levels.

Mike McCammon (Physiology) in The Daily Reflector, on working out despite cold weather, Jan. 12.

Peter Francia (Political Science) in The Wall Street Journal, in a Kris Maher article on the impact of the Massachusetts Senate election on legislation important to labor interests, Jan. 21.

December 2009

Rachel Raab (Medicine), with patients, on WITN-TV news and The Daily Reflector on new mammogram recommendations from the federal government, Nov. 18.

Keith Ramsey (Medicine) on WITN-TV News on drug-resistant H1N1 flu, Nov. 20.

Sherri Winslow (Communication Sciences and Disorders) with graduate student Beth Woody in The Daily Reflector, on aphasia awareness training for emergency responders, Nov. 29.

Mike Hanley (Athletics) in The News and Observer, on head-injury rules in the NCAA, Dec. 5.

Gregg Givens (Allied Health) in The Daily Reflector on the 10 year anniversary of the cochlear implant program at ECU, Dec. 12.

Jennifer Bugos
(Music) in The Daily Reflector on her study of the affects of musical instructions on cognitive abilities in older adults.

Thomas Rickenbach (Geography) in The News and Observer, in an editorial on global warming, Dec. 13.

Craig Malmrose (Art and Design) in The Daily Reflector on multiple awards received by The Rebel, ECU's student art and literary magazine, Dec. 13.

Virginia Carraway-Stage (FoodMASTER) in The Daily Reflector on using food to teach science, math and nutrition with 4th graders at Wintergreen Intermediate School, Dec. 15.

November 2009

Larry E. Tise (History) in The Wilmington Star News, Oct. 10, and the News and Observer, Oct. 18, on his new book on the Wright Brothers.

Rick Niswander (Business) in The Daily Reflector, on the importance of broadband access in eastern North Carolina, Oct. 18.

Martha Engelke (Nursing) on WITN-TV News, on her selection as the first Richard R. Eakin Distinguished Professor of Nursing, Oct. 22.

Jody Baumgartner (Political Science) in The Washington Times on Vice President Joe Biden, Oct. 25.

Walter J. Pories (Medicine) in The Los Angeles Times on the results of gastric bypass surgery on diabetes, Oct. 26.

Thomas G. Irons (Medicine) and medical student Jason Lee on WNCT-TV News, on the state of rural health care in the United States, Oct. 27.

Paul Cook (Medicine) in Modern Medicine on hospital electronic medical record systems, Oct. 30.

Calvin Mercer (Religious Studies) in The Daily Reflector, on chanting and meditation at ECU, Nov. 5.

David Gaskins (Campus Recreation and Wellness) in The Daily Reflector on adapted sports day, Nov. 7.

Patricia Clark (Theatre and Dance), Elmer Poe and Rosina Chia (Academic Outreach) in the Daily Reflector, on use of ECU's global classroom for cultural exchange, Nov. 10.

Rachel Raab (Medicine) on WNCT-TV News on new mammogram recommendations from the federal government, Nov. 17.

Denethia Smith (ECU Physicians) on WNCT-TV News on assistance with medical bills, Nov. 17.

October 2009

Ron Allison (Radiation Oncology) and patient on WITN-TV News, on brain cancer, following death of Sen. Edward Kennedy, Aug. 26.

Medicine faculty Kenneth Steinweg, Tom Irons, Richard Rawl, Ricky Watson, and family medicine resident Steven Manning on UNC-TV, Ch. 4, on highlights of the 12-part North Carolina Now series, "North Carolina Rising," spotlighting rural economic development including health care in eastern North Carolina, Sept. 2.

Kristina Simeonsson (Medicine) on WNCT-TV News on children and H1N1 flu, Sept. 3.

Peter L. Francia (Political Science), quoted in the Washington Times in article on the political influence of labor unions, Sept. 7.

Trip Lamb (Biology) in The Macon County News, Cullowhee, on his work with a Western Carolina University professor emeritus in discovering a new species of salamander, Sept. 17.

Jane Painter (Occupational Therapy) in The News and Observer, on falls among the aging, Sept. 21.

James Kleckley (Business) in The Charlotte Observer on the rate of job losses during the economic downturn, Sept. 22.

Paige Averett and Bruce Nalavany (Social Work) appeared in a Reuters news service article regarding their research that determined that sexual orientation of adoptive parents does not impact the emotional development of adopted children.

Larry Tise (History) in The Charlotte Observer on his new book about the secret flights of the Wright Brothers, Sept. 27.

Donna Roberson (Nursing) on WNCT-TV News, on Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholar working with incarcerated women to prevent HIV, Sept. 24.

Keith Ramsey (Medicine) in The Daily Reflector, in an editorial on H1N1 flu, Sept. 27; and on WCTI-TV News on Halloween and flu concerns, Sept. 29.