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December 2010/January 2011

Presentation by Terry Atkinson (Education), “New Literacies and Online Reading Comprehension,” at the Tar River Reading Council meeting in Greenville.

Presentation by Kirk St. Amant (English) and Rebecca Dumlao (Communication), “Globalizing Distance Education through Service Learning,” as part of The Engaged University System Plenary Session during the 11th Annual National Outreach Scholarship Conference in Raleigh. They also presented “Engaging Global Partners in Service Learning through Distance Education.”

Presentation by Kirk St. Amant (English) with co-authors, “Globally Distributed Content Create: Developing Consumable Content for International Markets,” at the 2010 Annual Conference of the ACM’s Special Interest Group on Design of Communication.

Presentation by Sherry Southard (English), “Social Presence: The Ethos of an Online Teacher,” at the 7th Annual Conference for Teachers of Technical Writing at Missouri State University.

Presentation by Andrea Kitta (English), “‘That Has to be an Urban Legend’: Lay Understanding of Unusual Medical Information,” at the American Folklore Society Conference in Nashville, Tenn.; and “Using Web 2.0 Technologies to Understand Public Concern and Provide Information,” about using Facebook to track public concern of the H1N1 virus, at the 9th Canadian Immunization Conference in Quebec City.

Presentation by Irene Hamrick (Family Medicine – Geriatrics) at the annual meeting of the Association of Directors of Geriatric Academic Programs in San Diego, Calif.

November 2010

Presentation by Charles F. Gustina and Rebecca Sweet (Interior Design and Merchandising), “Let’s Face the Music and Draw: Towards a Process of Creative Generation,” at the International Journal of Art and Design Education Conference 2010 in Liverpool, United Kingdom.
Presentation by Alan R. Bailey (Academic Library Services), “From the Media Center to the Classroom:  Bringing Coretta Scott King Award Winning Books Alive in the Classroom,” at the 10th Anniversary Conference of the North Carolina School Library Media Association in Winston-Salem.

Presentation by Terry Atkinson (Education), “New Literacies and Online Reading Comprehension at the Tar River Reading Council Meeting,” Elmhurst Elementary School in Greenville.

Presentation by Suzanne Kraemer (Medicine) with co-presenters, “2010 APDIM Fall Education Precourse - From Ledger to Bedside: Business Basics for Medical Educators,” as part of Academic Internal Medicine Week in San Antonio, Texas.

Workshop presented by Mark B. Scholl (Education), “The Constructivist Resume: Promoting the Career Adaptability of Graduate Students in Counseling Programs,” at the conference of the North Carolina Association for Assessment in Counseling and Education in Raleigh.

Presentations by Larry Nash White (Education), “Academic Library administrators’ uses and perceptions of performance measurement information in the strategic development of services and competitive responses,” at the National Library Assessment Conference in Baltimore, Md.; and “Public Library administrators’ uses and perceptions of performance measurement information in the strategic development of services and competitive responses,” at the Library Research Seminar V Conference in College Park, Md.

October 2010

Presentation by M. Suzanne Kraemer (Medicine), "From Ledger to Bedside: Business Basics for Medical Educators," as part of the 2010 APDIM Fall Education Precourse for Academic Internal Medicine Week in San Antonio, Texas.

Presentation by Carol Winter-Moorhead and Frances Eason (Nursing), "NLN Competencies: Learning Development and Role Expectations," at the National League for Nursing Summit in Las Vegas, Nev.

Keynote presentation by Bryna Coonin (Academic Library Services/Joyner Library) with co-presenter, at the North Carolina Library Association Reference and Adult Services Section Fall Meeting at Cameron Village Library in Raleigh.

Presentation by Steven Sligar (Rehabilitation Studies) with co-presenter, "Preliminary Findings of a National Survey on the State of State Vocational Evaluators," at the SE Regional National Rehabilitation Association and N.C. Rehabilitation Annual Training Conference in Asheville. Several PhD students in Rehabilitation Studies also presented posters at the conference.

September 2010

Presentation by Mark Scholl (Education) with master's student A. Rayle, "Religion, Values and Substance Abuse Counseling: Applications of an Integrated Inclusive Model," at the national conference of the Association for Spiritual, Ethical and Religious Values in Counseling in Myrtle Beach.

July/August 2010

Presentation by Irene Hamrick (Family Medicine), “Osteoporosis Management in the Elderly,” to the Austrian Geriatric Society in Vienna, Austria. Hamrick is the American Geriatric Society Ambassador to the Austrian Geriatric Society.

May/June 2010

Presentation by Kathryn Verbanac at the 11th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Breast Surgeons in Las Vegas, “Long-Term Follow-up Study of a Multicenter Sentinel Node Trial: Molecular Detection of Sentinel Node Metastases Predicts Distant Recurrence.” Study was completed by the ECU/AAMC Sentinel Node Study Group including Verbanac, Justus Min, Ann E. Mannie, Jianfen Lu, Paul Vos, and Lorraine Tafra.

Presentations by Occupational Therapy faculty at the 90th Annual Occupational Therapy Conference and Expo in Orlando, Fla.: by Anne Dickerson, with co-presenters, Carfit Event Coordinator Training, and short courses: “Driving and the General Practice Occupational Therapist: What To Do”; by Denise K. Donica and Carol Lust, “Designing Intervention and Reporting Outcomes: Handwriting Without Tears Pre-K and Cursive Curriculums”; and by Jane A. Painter and Sharon Elliott, “Living Alone and Fall Risk Factors in Community Dwelling Middle Age and Older Adults.” A Tech Day Session was presented by Leonard Trujillo, “An Introduction to Using the Pulse Smart Pen with High Functioning Children on the Autism Spectrum.” Also, poster presentations by Don M. Bradley and Anne E. Dickerson, “Occupational Therapy Theories – The Link Between Education and Practice”; by Dickerson with Timothy Reistetter, Angela Brake, Laurel Mann, and Letica Hernandez, “A Simple Reaction Time Tester: Test/retest Reliability”; by Jane A. Painter, “The Influence of Gender on Falls Among Community-Dwelling Adults 50 years of Age and Over”; and by Denise K. Donica, “Handwriting Instruction: The History Behind the Occupation.”

Presentation by Ken Wilson (Sociology), Michelle Covi (Coastal Resources Management, RENCI), and English faculty Catherine Smith, Donna Kain and Douglas Solomon, findings from their study on hurricane risk and emergency communication, to the N.C. Emergency Managers Association All Hazards Conference at Sunset Beach.

Presentation by Anna Froula (English), “Operation Iraqi Stephen: Mr. USO’s Commando Masculinity,” at Console-ing Passions Conference on Television, Audio, Video, New Media and Feminism at the University of Oregon, Eugene.

April 2010

Presentation by John Tucker (History), presented in Japanese, “Ito Jinsai no gengogaku to sekairon: uchu to tendo no kannen o chushin ni,” before the Kyoto Forum on Ito Jinsai and Public Philosophy in Kyoto, Japan. Proceedings will be published by the University of Tokyo Press. Tucker will deliver ““Ito Jinsai’s Appraisal of the Great Learning: Skepticism, Doubt, and Philosophical Lineages,” before the International Society for Cultural Interaction in East Asia, at National Taiwan University in Taipei. In June, Tucker begins a one-month stay at National Taiwan University as visiting professor and in July, he returns to Kyoto to present a paper on Ishida Baigan, as part of the Kyoto Forum’s conference on Ishida Baigan and Public Philosophy.

Invited presentation by Vivian W. Mott (Education,"Age and Ethics in Today's Military" and participation in the Sustainment Decision Superiority Seminar, sponsored by the U.S. Army Logistics University, Management College held at Fort Lee, Va.

Presentation by Music faculty in a number of conferences: by Jeff Ward and Linda High, "Theory into practice: Teaching assessment strategies to pre-service teachers through a third through fifth grade vocal music laboratory," at the 2nd International Symposium on Assessment in Music Education at the University of Florida. By Ward, High, Jay Juchniewicz and Greg Hurley, "Fulfilling the Goals of Graduate Distance Education through Centra” at the North Carolina Distance Learning Annual Conference. Ward and Juchniewicz presented “Secondary Music Specialist Degree: A Preliminary Curricular Model” at the national Symposium for Music Teacher Education, UNC-Greensboro. At the same conference, Michelle Hairston co-presented “Influences on Career choice Among Music Education Audition Candidates: A Pilot Study.” Ward, High and Hurley presented “Applying Theory to Practice: Using After School Children’s Music Programs to Prepare Future Music Teachers” at the North Carolina Teacher Education Forum in Raleigh.

Presentation by Punam Madhok (Art and Design), “Christian-Islamic Relations in the Court Art of Mughal India” at the Fourth International Conference on the Arts in Society in Venice. Madhok has been chosen to review papers for the International Journal of the Arts in Society, and will be credited as associate editor in the upcoming issue.

Juried presentation by Craig Malmrose (Art and Design), “The New Life of Wood Type,” at the Society of Typographic Aficionados in Atlanta, explaining the design and production of one of the first new wooden typefaces created in the last 40years. The face was designed by Gunner Swanson (Art and Design). At the conference, Malmrose presented, “Modernism: A Lingering Legacy of Contradictions,” and Malmrose, Swanson and panel moderator Jelena Bogdanovic (Art and Design) moderated proceedings concerning utopianism in Modernist design.

March 2010

Presentation by James McKernan (Education), "The origins of critical theory in education: some British, German and American influences," at the 62nd Annual Meeting of the Southeast Philosophy of Education Society, University of Alabama, Huntsville.

Presentation by Abbie Brown (Education), as invited panelist at the Seventh Annual National Science Foundation ITEST Summit in Washington, D.C.

Presentation by Jennifer M. Valko (Foreign Languages & Literatures), "Letters to Mutti: Domesticity and Identity Preservation in Ella Brunswig’s Epistolary Account
of Residence in Patagonia (1923-1929)" at the Philological Association of the Carolinas in Charleston, S.C. At the convention, Valko also chaired a panel on utopia and reconciliation in South America.

Presentation by Juan J. Daneri (Foreign Languages & Literatures), "The City of Caesars in Fiction: An Amerindian Utopia in Post-colonial Patagonia" at the Philological Association of the Carolinas in Charleston, S.C. At the conference, Daneri also chaired a panel about German women in the Americas.

Presentations by Amy Carr-Richardson (Music), "Handel's Messiah as Source and Model for Beethoven's 'Missa solemnis,'" at the American Handel Festival; and "Musical Borrowing in Beethoven's Late String Quartets," at the American Beethoven Society biennial convention.

Presentations by Kris Kirschbaum (Communication): "Collaborating with Physicians: Conquering the Divide to Deliver Communication Training," at the Eastern Communication Association convention in Philadelphia; "Invitational Rhetoric as a Tool for Surgeon/anesthesiologist Communication," at the Society for Education in Anesthesia Annual Meeting in Seattle, and at the National Communication Association's meeting, serving as a panelist and presenting, "Engaging with Interactive Technology: The Advantages and Challenges of Using Student Response Systems."

Presentation by Emma Wertz and co-author, "Expectation gaps between stakeholders and web-based corporate public relations efforts: Focusing on Fortune 500 corporate web sites," at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Annual Conference in Boston.

February 2010

Presentation by Cathy Hall (Psychology), Jeremy Dickerson (Business and Information Technologies Education), David Batts (Technology Systems), Paul Kauffmann (Engineering), and Michael Bosse (Mathematics and Science Education), “Influences in Career Considerations among High School Students,” at the Southeastern Psychological Association Conference, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Presentation by Juan J. Daneri (Foreign Languages and Literatures, "Colonial Transactions: Of Miracle Plays, Devils, and Mexican Spectacles," at the MLA Annual Convention in Philadelphia.

Presentation by Jennifer M. Valko (Foreign Languages & Literatures), "Patagonia and the Role of the Woman writer in 'Der Medizinmann am Lanin' by Bertha Koessler-Ilg," at the MLA Annual Convention in Philadelphia. At the convention, Valko also organized a panel on Critical Readings of Chilean Literature at the Centennial.

December 2009

Presentations by Kirk St. Amant (English): "Globalizing Online Business Education: Strategies for Teaching Globally Distributed Students via Online Classes” at the Virtual Conference on Business Management; and invited lecture, “The Ethics of Web 2.0 in the Global Economy” to faculty and students at the Aarhus School of Business, delivered virtually via Web 2.0 technologies.

Presentation by Angela Anderson (Registrar), "Creating and Delivering eTranscripts in your Sleep," at the 38th Annual Meeting of the Carolinas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers in Asheville. Anderson also served on two panels, “So You Think You Can Be a Registrar” and “The Future of CACRAO” at the annual meeting.

Presentation by Diane D. Kester (Education) at the 14th National Conference of the American Association of School Librarians in Charlotte, as a member of the panel, "Where the Money Is: The IMLS Support of School Library Media. The panel was moderated by Kevin Cherry, IMLS program specialist and former ECU instructor.

Presentation by Vivian W. Mott (Education), "The Good, Bad, and Ugly: Meaningful Admission Criteria for Today's Applicants in Adult and Higher Education," at the national meeting for the Association for Adult and Continuing Education in Cleveland, Ohio.

Presentation by Kathi Wilhite (Education), "Using Skill-Based Assessment in Decision Making for Students with Behavioral Challenges," as part of  the NC DPI EC Division's 59th Conference on Exceptional Children, held in Greensboro.

Presentations by Elizabeth A. Fogarty (Education) with co-presenter, "Reflecting on Change: Concerns of Teachers Implementing Differentiated Reading Instruction"; and "What to do When They Break the Code: Challenging Young, Talented Readers in the Classroom" at the National Association for Gifted Children in St. Louis, Mo. Fogarty and  Brian Housand (Education) also presented "Tales from a High School Reading Workshop" at the conference.

Presentation by Lisa Rogerson (Education), "Teacher Education at ECU: Tradition and Excellence" at an online conference for North Carolina Community Colleges.

Presentations by Crystal Muhammad (Education) at the the National Women’s Studies Association in Atlanta, Ga.: "The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009: What does it mean for pay equity in academe?," and "Tell me what you really think: The candid reflections of members of the academic community on women of color faculty."

November 2009

Invited presentation by Craig Becker (Health Education and Promotion), "What helps people strive? The Salutogenic Wellness Promotion Scale," at the International Research Seminar on Salutogenesis in Helsinki, Finland. Becker also presented "Positive Health Management: A Pathway to Optimal Well-being" and "Becoming a Positive Health Promoter" at the National Wellness Conference in Stevens Point, Wisc.

Presentation by Timothy Kelley (Environmental Health Sciences and Safety) and Lloyd Novick (Medicine) in a roundtable discussion among Environmental Health and Public Health academic and governmental representatives at the N.C. Public Health Association Conference in Asheville.

Presentation by David Long (History), "Lincoln's Approach to Immortality: The Final Years of Abraham Lincoln," at the New Bern - Craven County Public Library, as the kick-off event for the traveling exhibit, "Forever Free: Abraham Lincoln's Journey to Emancipation," displayed Nov. 15 through Jan. 6.Long also presented, "Lincoln, Davis and the Civil War: The Dahlgren Raid," as the BB&T Heritage Lecturer in American History at Barton College in Wilson.

Presentation by Kathy Kolasa (Family Medicine), "Obesity prevention at well care visits," at HealthFirst of NY and NJ, Flushing Meadow, N.Y.

Presentations by Wayne Cascio (Medicine), "Cardiovascular Effects of Traffic Related Air Pollution: The California Freeway Study," at the Institute Universitaire Romand de Santé au Travail in Lausanne, Switzerland and at the Universitat Bern, Institut fur Anatomie in Bern, Switzerland. Cascio also presented a poster on co-authored research, "Using a theoretical model of cardiac tissue to assess coronary flow reduction," at the 8th International Congress on Coronary Artery Disease from Prevention to Intervention, in Prague, Czech Republic.

Presentations by Robert D. Quinn (Art Education) with Wayne Godwin and Carl Twarog (Art and Design), "Gaming for Classroom Crisis Preparedness" at the North Carolina Art Education Association Professional Development Conference in Winston-Salem. Quinn also presented "Vodcasting: What is it, and how can it be used in art education?" at the National Art Education Association Convention in Minneapolis, Minn., and "Challenging Traditional Conceptions of Introductory Visual Arts Courses," at the Foundations in Art: Theory and Education (FATE) Biennial Conference in Portland, Ore. 

October 2009

Presentations by Lisa Campbell (Health Disparities, Psychology): as keynote speaker at the 6th Annual Prostate Cancer Awareness and Education Conference in Raleigh, "Empowering African American Families"; and a joint presentation with the health disparities centers from UNC, Wake Forest, and Winston-Salem State at the annual conference of the North Carolina Public Health Association. Campbell also taped a segment of the television show, Tarheel Talk, focusing on her research on prostate cancer survivorship.

Presentation by David P. Conradt (Political Science), "Facing the Voters in Hard Times: Politics, Economics and the 2009 Election," for the Department of State, Bureau of Intelligence and Research in Washington, D.C., Aug. 10. Conradt also presented, "The Germans and Their Constitution, 1949-1999," at a conference on The 60th Anniversary of the Federal Republic of Germany, at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Contemporary German Studies, Washington, D.C.

Presentations by School of Medicine faculty Kathy Kolasa, Suzanne Lazorick and David Collier with additional medical professionals as co-presenters, a poster at the CDC Weight of the Nation Conference, "North Carolina's Pediatric Obesity Clinician Reference Guide and Tool Kit." As invited speaker, Kolasa presented "Putting Childhood Obesity Guidelines Into Practice: Standardized Medical Nutrition Therapy in Primary Care Settings," at the 5th Biennial California Childhood Obesity Conference in Los Angeles, Calif. Kolasa and a co-presenter were invited presenters on "Serving up Good Health: Hospitals as Leaders in Nutrition Policy for Eating Environment," at the American Dietetic Association's Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo in Denver, Colo. With colleagues from the NCSU Cooperative Extension Service and the N.C. Division of Public Health, she presented "Eat Smart Move More Weigh Less: A community based weight management program for adults." Kolasa also presented "Nutrition and Chronic Disease" for the medical staff at Heritage Hospital