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December 2010/January 2011

Article by David L. Smith (Foreign Languages & Literatures), “The Importance of the Visual in Christoph Ransmayr’s 'Die Letzte Welt,’” in Modern Austrian Literature.

Article by Kathryn M. Kolasa, J. Messenger and K. Craven (Family Medicine), “What dietitians need to know about medical nutrition therapy and pharmacotherapy for Type 2 Diabetes,” in Nutrition Today.

Article by Denise E. Dickens and Joey Hagan (Accounting), “Disclosure of Aggressive Tax Positions in Financial Statements and Tax Returns,” in Construction Accounting and Taxation.

Article by Oneil Harris (Finance), “Why are proposed spinoffs withdrawn?” in the Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance.

Articles by Robert Zinko (Management): “Making the In-Group: The Application of Political Skill to LMX by New Employees in Reputation Development,” in the Journal of Global Business Management; and “A Study of Negotiations within the Ethnic Chinese Community between Taiwan and Hong Kong,” in Management Research and Practice.

Article by Chris Keller (Marketing and Supply Chain Management), “Forecasting the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election using Options Data,” in Advances in Business and Management Forecasting.

Article by Mary Crozier (Rehabilitation Studies), Suzanne Hudson (Biostatistics) with doctoral student S. McMillan and masters student S. Jones, “The Eastern North Carolina Opioid Prescribers Project: A model continuing medical education workshop,” in the Journal of Opioid Management.

Review by Michael Aceto (English) of Salikoko Mufwene’s “Language Evolution: Contact, Competition and Change,” in “Language in Society.”

Work by Randall Martoccia (English), story “,” in “Fried Fiction”; short story, “Knotted,” in the anthology “Cup of Joe: Coffee House Flash Fiction”; and story, “Singular Sensations,” in Misfit Magazine’s web site.

Review by Roger Schlobin (English) of John Wyndham’s “Plan for Chaos: The Prequel to The Day of the Triffids,” for the Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts.

November 2010

Article by Samuel Tibbs (Finance), “Internal controls and the cost of fraud: An empirical investigation,” in the Journal of Corporate Treasury Management.

Article by Susan DelVecchio and Judy A. Wagner (Marketing and Supply Chain Management), “Motivation and Monetary Incentives: A Closer Look,” in the Journal of Management and Marketing Research. Also by DelVecchio, “Sales Career Stages: Testing for Sequential Changes,” in the Journal of Selling and Major Account Management.

Article by Brett Cotten (Finance), “Earnings Management Prior to Initial Public Offerings: Evidence from Secondary Share Data,” in the Quarterly Journal of Finance and Accounting.

Article by April Reed (Management Information Systems), “Project Risk Differences between Virtual and Co-located Teams,” in the Journal of Computer Information Systems.

Articles by Laura Stanley (Management): “Emotions and family business creation: An extension and implications,” in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice; and with Lisa Baranik (Psychology), “Examining the Construct Validity of Mastery-Avoidance Achievement Goals: A Meta-Analysis,” in Human Performance.

Articles by Tom Robbins (Marketing and Supply Chain Management), “Cross Training In call Centers with Uncertain Arrivals and Global Service Level Agreements,” in the International Journal of Operations and Quantitative Management; “A Stochastic Programming Model for Scheduling Call Centers with Uncertain Arrivals,” in the European Journal Of Operational Research; and “New Project Staffing for Outsourced Call Centers with Global Service Level Agreements,” in Service Science.

Article by Denise E. Dickins (Accounting), Margaret Ohara (Business) and John Reisch (Accounting), “Frameworks for establishing and evaluating internal controls: a primer and case study,” in the Journal of Case Research in Business and Economics.

Article by Denise E. Dickins and Joey Hagan (Accounting), “Common Tax Issues: Their Impact on Financial Reporting Processes,” in Internal Auditing.

Article by Denise E. Dickins, John Reisch and Rose Bailey (Accounting), “A Discussion of Public Identification of U.S. Audit Engagement Partners: Who Benefits? Who Pays?” in the International Journal of Disclosure & Governance.

Article by Haozhe Chen (Marketing and Supply Chain Management), “Managing Logistics Outsourcing Relationships: An Empirical Investigation in China,” in
the Journal of Business Logistics.

Article by Bill McDowell, Michael Harris and Shanan Gibson (Management), “The Impact of Trust and Dependency on Business Performance: A Study of SME Suppliers,” in the Small Business Institute Journal.

Article by Bill McDowell and Joy Karriker (Management), “The Role of Information Quality as a Mediator of the Trust-Performance Relationship,” in the Journal of Business Issues.

Article by Amy McMillan-Capehart and Joshua Aaron (Management), “Investor Reactions to Diversity Reputation Signals,” in the Corporate Reputation Review.

Article by Alice J. Feret and Judith J. Smith (Education), “Literacy and art: collage for pre-service teachers,” in Insight, A Journal of Scholarly Teaching.

Articles by William Sugar, Abbie Brown and Kenneth Luterbach (Education), “Examining the Anatomy of a Screencast: Uncovering Common Elements and Instructional Strategies,” in the International Review of Research on Open and Distance Learning.

Article by Abbie Brown and Tim Green (Education), “The Essentials of Instructional Design: Connecting Fundamental Principles with Process and Practice, Second Edition.

Articles by Larry Nash White (Education), “Assessment Planning for Distance Education Library Services: Strategic Roadmaps for Determining and Reporting Organizational Performance and Values,” in the Journal of Library Administration; and “Aligning Assessment to Organizational Performance in Distance Education Service Delivery,” in the Journal of Library Administration.

Book edited by Crystal Renee Chambers (Education), with co-editors, "From Diplomas to Doctorates: The Success of Black Women in Higher Education and its Implications for Equal Educational Opportunities for All."

Article by Tejas Desai (Internal Medicine) with co-author, “Online Blogging During Conferences: An Innovative Way of E-Learning,” in Kidney International.

Article by Cheryl Elhammoumi (Nursing) with co-authors, “Culturally Based Health and Illness Beliefs and Practices across the Life Span, in “Core Curriculum for Transcultural Nursing and Health Care” and as a supplement in the Journal of Transcultural Nursing.

Article by Laura Gantt (Nursing), “Strategic Planning for Skills and Simulation Labs in Colleges of Nursing,” in Nursing Economics.

Article by Kathryn Kolasa (Medicine) and Katherine Rickett (Laupus Library), “Barriers to Providing Nutrition Counseling Cited by Physicians: A Survey of Primary Care Practitioners,” in Nutrition in Clinical Practice.

October 2010

Article by Kathryn Verbanac (Surgery), C. Justus Min (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation), Kevin O’Brien (Allied Health), Jianfen Lu (Surgery) and Ann E. Mannie (formerly Surgery) with co-authors, “Long Term Follow-up Study of a Prospective Multicenter Sentinel Node Trial: Molecular Detection of Breast Cancer Sentinel Node Metastases,” in Annals of Surgical Oncology.

Article by John Stevens (Foreign Languages and Literatures), “Landino, Vergil and Plato” in Renaissance Papers.

Chapter by Susie Harris (Allied Health), “Lawsuit: So You Have to Go to Court,” in “The Health Care Manager’s Legal Guide.”

Chapter by Bob Kulesher (Allied Health), “Statutory Benefits: How They Involve the Manager,” in “The Health Care Manager’s Legal Guide.”

Article by Martha Chapin (Rehabilitation Studies) and doctoral student R. Boykin, "Integrating positive psychology techniques into rehabilitation counselor education," in Rehabilitation Education. Also by Chapin with Don Holbert (Biostatistics), "Employment at closure is associated with an enhanced quality of life and subjective well-being for persons with spinal cord injuries," in the Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin.

Article by Melissa Schwartz, Bob Green and Karl Faser (Nursing), “The digital frontier: Broadcasting simulations for nursing education,” in CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing.

Article by Mary Ann Rose, Marie Pokorny, Wanda Waters, Frank Watkins and Mary Kirkpatrick (Nursing), “Nurses’ Perceptions of Safety Concerns When Caring for the Morbidly Obese Patient,” in Bariatric Nursing and Surgical Patient Care.

Article by Ann Schreier (Nursing), “Nursing care, delirium and pain management for the hospitalized older adult,” in Pain Management Nursing.

Article by Kim Larson and Melissa Ott (Nursing) with co-author, "International cultural immersion: En vivo reflections in cultural competence," in the Journal of Cultural Diversity.

Article by Annette Peery (Nursing), "Caring and burnout in registered nurses: What's the connection," in the International Journal for Human Caring.

Article by Laura Gantt (Nursing), "Using the Clark Simulation Evaluation Rubric with associate degree and baccalaureate nursing students," in Nursing Education Perspectives.

Article by Bob Green and Allison Hope (Nursing), "Promoting clinical competence using social media," in Nurse Educator.

Article by Martha Alligood and L.M. Burhans (Nursing), "Quality nursing care in the words of nurses," in the Journal of Advanced Nursing.

Article by Scott Below and Robert Prati (Finance), “Style index rebalancing for better diversification: Lessons from broad market and equity style indexes,” in Financial Services Review.

Articles by Huigang Liang and Lucky Xue (Management Information Systems)” “Understanding the influence of team climate on IT use”; and “Understanding security behaviors in personal computer usage: A threat avoidance perspective,” in the Journal of the Association for Information Systems.

Articles by Denise E. Dickins (Accounting), “Auditing in a Troubled Economy,” in Internal Auditing; and “Disclosure Standards, Will They Make a Difference,” in the CPA Journal.

Article by James Zemanek (Marketing and Supply Chain Management) and Paul Schwager (Business), “Touch point opportunities in American football at the collegiate level,” in Journal of Innovative Marketing.

Article by Haozhe Chen (Marketing and Supply Chain Management), “Third-party logistics provider customer orientation and customer firm logistics improvement in China,” in the International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management.

Article by Charmaine G. Glegg (Finance), “Valuation effects from implementing shareholder-friendly poison pill provisions,” in the International Journal of Corporate Governance.

August/September 2010

Article by Abbie Brown and Bill Sugar (Education), “Second Life in Education: The Case of Commercial Online Virtual Reality Applied to Teaching and Learning,” in Themes in Science and Technology Education, Special Issue on Virtual Reality in Education.

Articles by William Mallett (International Affairs and Cheryl McFadden (Counselor and Adult Education), “Leadership styles of leadership institute participants at the community college level,” in The International Journal of Educational Leadership Preparation; “Leadership styles of community college academic deans,” in Community College Enterprise: A Journal of Research and Practice; and “University presidents: A study of leadership perceptions developing into the twenty-first century” in Academic Exchange Quarterly.

Article by Angela P. Whitehurst (Joyner Library), “Information Literacy and Global Readiness: Library Involvement Can Make a World of Difference,” in Behavioral and Social Sciences Librarian.

Article by Michael Hartley (Rehabilitation Studies) with doctoral student A. Byrne, “Digital Technology in the 21 st Century: Considerations for Clinical Supervision in Rehabilitation Education,” in Rehabilitation Education.

Articles by Denise E. Dickins (Business), “The Value of Cooling-off,” in Regulation; “Insider Ownership and Stock Price Performance: How Greater Concentration of Management Ownership Affects Returns Across Levels of Firm Value,” in the Journal of Theoretical Accounting Research; “Offshoring the Independent Audit Function ,” in CPA Journal; and “An Examination of Perceptions of Auditor Independence and Financial Reporting Reliability When Former Auditors are Hired,” in Accounting Behavioral Research.

Article by David West and John H. Bradley (Business), “Airline Flight Networks, Cycle Times and Profitability: 2004 – 2006,” in Operations Management Research.

Article by Eli Beracha (Business), “Home Price Sensitivity to Capital Market Factors: Analysis of Zip Code Data,” in the Journal of Real Estate Research.

Article by Charmaine G. Glegg (Business), “The wealth effects of cross-border spinoffs,” in the Journal of Multinational Financial Management.

Article by Oneil Harris (Business), “Cause and effects of poison pill adoptions by spinoff units,” in the Journal of Economics and Business.

Articles by Oneil Harris and Charmaine G. Glegg (Business), “What kinds of takeover defenses are most beneficial to shareholders during and following the bidding process?” in Corporate Ownership and Control Journal; “When does diversification add value: Evidence of corporate governance and abnormal long-term stock performance,” in Corporate Ownership and Control”; and “Do managers make takeover financing decisions that circumvent more effective outside blockholders?” in the Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance.

Article by Joseph Tomkiewicz (Business), “Changes to students’ attitudes toward work,” in Education of Economists and Managers.

Article by Haozhe Chen (Business), “The Relationship between Strategic Orientation, Service Innovation and Performance,” in the International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics.

Article by Nursing faculty Rebecca Benfield, T. Hortobagyi, C.J. Tanner, M. Swanson, M.M. Heitkemper and E.R. Newton (Medicine), “The effects of hydrotherapy on anxiety, pain, neuroendocrine responses, and contract dynamics during labor,” in Biological Research for Nursing.

Articles by Nursing faculty Laura T. Gantt and M.L. Walker, “Creation of a bariatric ‘patient’” and “Simulation scenario for use with student nurses,” in Bariatric Nursing and Surgical Patient Care.

Article by Nursing faculty Mel Swanson, Gloria Baker, Marie Pokorny, Mary Ann Rose and Martha Engelke, “The Association of BMI and Braden Total Score on the Occurrence of Pressure Ulcers,” in the Journal of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing.

Article by Art A. Rodriguez (Chemistry) with student C. Obondi, "NMR studies into the potential interactions of fullerene C60 with tetraphenylporphyrin and some of its derivatives," in Advances in Physical Chemistry.

June/July 2010

Article by John D. Rose (Cardiology) with co-authors, “Prevalence of Rheumatic Heart Disease in Children and Young Adults in Nicaragua,” in the American Journal of Cardiology.

Book by Charles Boklage (Pediatrics), “How New Humans are Made.”

Article by Kathryn Kolasa and Janice Daugherty (Family Medicine) with David Collier (Pediatrics), “Putting childhood obesity guidelines into practice,” in Clinical Nutrition Insight. Article by Kolasa, Collier and Kathy Cable (Laupus Library), “Weight loss strategies that really work,” in the Journal of Family Practice.

Article by Janice S. Lewis (Academic Library Services), “The Academic Library in Institutional Assessment: Seizing an Opportunity,” In library Leadership and Management.

Book by Roman Pawlak (Nutrition/Dietetics), “I am the Lord Who Heals You.”

Video series by Elizabeth Wall-Bassett (Nutrition/Dietetics), “To Your Health,” aired on ECU Television Channel 99.

Article by Jennifer M. Valko (Foreign Language & Literatures), “La desmitificación del inmigrante alemán en Don Helmuth, el colono de Carlos Fuenzalida Valdivia,” in Acta Literaria.

Book by Frédéric Fladenmuller (Foreign Languages & Literatures), “LA VOIX NEUTRE DU CHAOS. Etude sur la complexité de textes modernes."  Published by Peter Lang, in Currents in Comparative Romance Languages and Literatures, 2010. A new critical study of seventeen modern texts which relies methodologically on the theory of chaos, and more generally on the new science of complexity.

Article by David L. Smith (Foreign Languages & Literatures), "J. C. Gottsched, Gutenberg's Printing Press, and Humankind's Third Creation," in the peer-reviewed Lessing Yearbook.

Article by Kim Larson and Melissa Ott (Nursing) with co-author, "International cultural immersion: En vivo reflections in cultural competence," in the Journal of Cultural Diversity.

Article by Annette Peery (Nursing), Caring and burnout in registered nurses: What's the connection," in the International Journal for Human Caring.

Article by L. T. Gantt (Nursing), "Using the Clark Simulation Evaluation Rubric with association degree and baccalaureate nursing students," in Nursing Education Perspectives.

Article by Bob Green and Allison Hope (Nursing), "Promoting clinical competence using social media," in Nurse Educator.

Article by David P. Conradt (Political Science), “The Shrinking Elephants.  The 2009 Election and the Changing Party System,” in German Politics and Society.

Article by Denise E. Dickins (Accounting), "CEO Duality: Does it Matter," in Internal Auditing.

Article by Dennis O'Reilly (Accounting), "Do investors perceive the going-concern opinion as useful for pricing stocks?" in Managerial Auditing Journal.

Article by Christy Ashley (Marketing and Supply Chain Management), "Can Hedonic Store Environments Help Retailers Overcome Low Store Accessibility?" in Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice.

Article by Robert Zinko (Management), "Self-perceptions of Our Personal Reputations: The Mediating Role of Image in the Development of Organizational Citizenship Behaviors," in Journal of International Management Studies. Also by Zinko, "Cultural Determinants of Learning Effectiveness from Knowledge Management Systems: A Multinational Investigation," in the Journal of Global Information Technology Management and "Organizational citizenship behavior and reputation: Mediators in the relationships between accountability and job performance and satisfaction," in the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies.

May/June 2010

Article by Bob Green and Allison Hope (Nursing), “Promoting Clinical Competence Using Social Media,” in Nurse Educator.

Article by Laura Gantt (Nursing), “Using the Clark Simulation Evaluation Rubric with Associate Degree and Baccalaureat Nursing Students,” in Teaching in Technology/Evaluation Rubric.

Article by Elizabeth Jesse and Mel Swanson (Nursing) with Sheila Bunch (Social Work), Christyn Dolbier (Psychology), Jennifer Hodgson (Human Ecology) and co-author, “A pilot study to reduce risk for antepartum depression among women in a public health prenatal clinic,” in Issues in Mental Health Nursing.

Article by Laura Gantt and Robin Webb Corbett (Nursing), “Using simulation to teach patient safety behaviors in undergraduate nursing education,” in the Journal of Nursing Education.

Article by Rebecca Benfield (Nursing), Tibor Hortobagyi (Exercise and Sports Science), Charles J. Tanner (Exercise and Sports Science), Melvin Swanson (Nursing), Edward R. Newton (Medicine) and co-author, “The Effects of Hydrotherapy on Anxiety, Pain, Neuroendocrine Responses, and Contraction Dynamics During Labor,” in Biological Research for Nursing.

Article by Bobby Lowery (Nursing), “Medical Home Concept: Policy Implications for an Integrated Approach in Obesity Management,” in Bariatric Nursing and Surgical Patient Care.

Article by Elaine Scott, Marie E. Pokorny and Mary Ann Rose (Nursing) with co-author, “Safe ‘Handoffs’ for the Morbidly Obese,” in Bariatric Nursing and Surgical Patient Care.

Articles by Denise Donica (Occupational Therapy), “A Historical Journey Through the Development of a Handwriting Instruction (Part 1): The Historical Foundation,” and “A Historical Journey Through the Development of Handwriting Instruction (Part 2): The Occupational Therapists' Role”, in the Journal of Occupational Therapy, Schools & Early Intervention.

Article by Steven Sligar (Rehabilitation Studies) with PhD student R.B. Boykin, “Empowerment in Vocational Evaluation: Moving from Implied to Explicit,” in the Vocational Evaluation and Career Assessment Journal.

Book by Mark Stebnicki (Rehabilitation Studies), Empathy Fatigue: Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit of Professional Counselors, published in 2008, has been translated into Korean and released by a Korean publisher.

Article by Pat D. Royal and Bonita S. Sasnett (Health Service and Information Management), “Building a Writing Curriculum for Allied Health Professional Students,” in the Association of University Programs in Health Administration Journal of Health Administration Education.

Article by Bryna Coonin (Joyner Library) with former library fellow Leigh Younce, “Publishing in Open Access Education Journals: The Authors’ Perspectives,” in Behavioral & Social Sciences Librarian.

Article by Kathryn Kolasa (Family Medicine and Pediatrics), Janice Daugherty (Family Medicine) and David Collier (Pediatric Health Weight Research and Treatment Center), “Putting Childhood Obesity Guidelines into Practice,” in Clinical Nutrition Insights.

Article by Medicine faculty Kathryn Verbanac, Courtney L. Olmsted, Kerry Hollowell, Anne S. Richardson, H. Keith Pittman, Lisa Bellin, and co-author L. Tafra, “American Society of Clinical Oncology – Recommended Surveillance and Physician Specialty Among Long-Term Breast Cancer Survivors,” in Cancer.

April 2010

Chapter by Vivian W. Mott (Education) and Annette Greer (Medicine), "Learner-centered teaching and the use of technology," in Integrating Adult Learning and Technologies for Effective Education.

Book by Education faculty Hal Holloman and Peggy Yates, What Do You Say When - Best Practice Language for Improving Student Behavior, a result of their 15-month research in a local school district in eastern North Carolina.

Book co-edited by Mark B. Scholl (Education), Humanistic Perspectives on Contemporary Counseling Issues.

Article by William Gee and Cindy Shirkey (Academic Library Services), "Giving Patrons What They Want: An Analysis of a Thesis and Dissertation Purchase-on-Demand Project at East Carolina University," in the Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery & Electronic Reserve.

Article by Beth Velde (Occupational Therapy), Lena Carawan (Social Work), Sharon Knight (Health Education and Promotion), Marie Pokorny (Nursing) and former occupational therapy professor Peggy Wittman, "A Dialogal Investigation of 'Who Am I As a Teacher?'" in the Journal of Allied Health.

Article by Ann Marie Nye (Medicine) with co-authors, "Medication Nonadherence Secondary to Drug-Induced Memory Loss," in The Consultant Pharmacist.

Article by Jitka Virag, R.M. Lust, J.M. Ding, B.D. Lehmann, V. Chintalgattu (Medicine) with students/graduates J.L. Dries, P.R. Easton, A.M. Friesland, J.H. DeAntonio, and E. Cozzi, "Attenuation of myocardial injury in mice with functional deletion of the circadian rhythm gene mPer2," in American Journal of Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology.

Chapter by Tami Tomasello (Communication), "J.C.R. Licklider and the Rise of Interactive and Networked Computing," in Handbook of Research on Social Interaction Technologies and Collaboration Software: Concepts and Trends.

Articles by Deborah Thomson (Communication): " 'Are We There Yet?' Challenging Notions of Age and Aging Through Intergenerational Performance," in the Journal of Aging, Humanities and the Arts; and "The Uneasy Student Body Performing Fat Suits," in Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies.

March 2010

Article by Mary Crozier (Rehabilitation Studies) and Suzanne Hudson (Biostatistics) with co-authors, “The Role of an Embedded Librarian in Substance Abuse Counseling Courses: A Pilot Study,” in Rehabilitation Counselors and Educators Journal.

Chapter by Abbie Brown (Education) with co-author, “Issues and Trends in Instructional Technology: Growth and Maturation of Web-Based Tools in a Challenging Climate; Social Networks Gain Educators’ Attention,” in Educational Media and Technology Yearbook.

Essay by Mark B. Scholl (Education), “Lumber River Immersion,” in Voices from the Field: Defining Moments in Counselor and Therapist Development.

Article by James McKernan (Education), “A critique of instructional objectives,” in Education Inquiry.

Review by Kylie Dotson-Blake (Education) of the book, Partnership for Service-Learning: Impacts on Communities and Students, in Partnerships: A Journal of Service-Learning & Civic Engagement. The journal is a new peer-reviewed, online journal sponsored by NC Campus Compact. (See

Book by Eric Bailey (Anthropology), "The Cultural Rights Movement: Fulfilling the Promise of Civil Rights for African Americans."

Book by Charles Fantazzi (Foreign Languages and Literatures), Introduction to Juan Luis Vives, L’assistència als pobres (Relief of the Poor) ed. Joan Tello i Brugal (Barcelona, 2009), translated into Catalan; and “Vives’ Text of Augustine’s De civitate Dei,” in Neulateinisches Jahrbuch.

Book by Glen G. Gilbert (Health and Human Performance) with co-authors, Health Education: Creating Strategies for School & Community Health, Third Edition.

Book by Jessica Christie (Art and Design), Landscapes of Origin in the Americas: Creation narratives linking ancient places and present communities.

Article by Michael Cavanagh (Communication), "Until The People Spoke: The California Supreme Court's Response to Same Sex 'Marriage,'" in the Communication Law Review.

Article by Brian Massey (Communication) with co-author, "Australian journalists and commitment to organisational change: A longitudinal student," in Media International Australia.

Articles by Aysel Morin (Communication): "Interlingua: Communicative functions of mixed languages in interlingual marriages," in the Florida Communication Journal; "Victimization of Muslin Women in Submission," in Women's Studies in Communication; and "Using 2008 Election to talk about 'playing the race card,'" in Communication Studies Journal.

Article by Cindy Elmore (Communication), "Turning Points and Turnover Among Female Journalists: Communicating Resistance and Repression," in Women's Studies in Communication.

Article by Robert Quinn (Art and Design), "Post-secondary art appreciation: Going online," in the Arts and Learning Research Journal. 

Articles by Nanyoung Kim (Art and Design) in Arts and Activities: "Beadmaking with sophistication," "Underwater composition," and "Name Design."

February 2010

Article by Juan J. Daneri (Foreign Languages & Literatures), "Elementos para reconsiderar la ciudad utopica de Manuel Rojas," in Anales de Literatura Chilena.

Review essay by Jennifer M. Valko (Foreign Languages & Literatures), "Revision intelectual y conmemoracion ante el Bicentenario," in A Contracorriente.

Article by Rachel Roper and M.D. Mannie (Microbiology and Immunology), with co-authors, "Vaccinia virus decreases MHC class II antigen presentation, T cell priming, and peptide association with MHC class II," in Immunology. Also by Roper with co-author, "SARS Vaccines:  Where are  We?" in Expert Reviews of Vaccines. 

Article by Stephanie Hillis (Rehabilitation Counseling) with co-author, “College Students’ Responses to a 5/4 Drinking Question and Maximum Blood Alcohol Concentration Calculated from a Timeline Followback Questionnaire” in the Journal of Studies in Alcohol and Drugs. Hillis was a graduate assistant on the joint RTI-ECU motivational interviewing grant-supported study while a graduate student in the Department of Rehabilitation Studies.

Seventh edition of textbook by Martha Alligood (Nursing), "Nursing Theorists and Their Work," was released with several Nursing faculty contributing articles: Chapter 5: Nursing Theorists of Historical Significance, by Marie Pokorny; Chapter 7: Jean Watson: Watson's Philosophy and Theory of Transpersonal Caring, by Elizabeth Jesse; Chapter 31: Georgene Gaskill Eakes, Mary Lermann Burke, and Margaret A. Hainsworth: Theory of Chronic Sorrow, by Ann Schreier and Nellie Droes.

Article by Janet Moye (Nursing) with co-author, "Growing ambulatory care leaders in a multigenerational workforce," in Nursing Economics.

January 2010

Article by Allied Health Faculty Jane Painter, Suzanne Hudson and Sharon J. Elliott, "Falls in Community-dwelling Adults Aged 50  years and Older," in the Journal of Allied Health.

Article by Susie Harris and Xiaoming Zeng (Health Services and Information Management), "Using an Audience Response System (ARS) in a Face-to-Face and Distance Education CPT/HCPCS Coding Course," in Perspectives in Health Information Management. Monograph by Harris, "The Impact of Spirituality on Persons with Diabetes."

Article by Medicine faculty Sarah Henes, David Collier, Susan Morrissey, Doyle Cummings and Kathryn Kolasa, "Medical nutrition therapy for overweight youth in their medical home: the KIDPOWER experience," in Patient Education and Counseling.

Article by David L. Smith (Foreign Languages and Literatures),  “Inscribing the Origin and Future of German Identity: J. G. Schottelius’s 'Ausführliche Arbeit von der Teutschen HaubtSprache' (1663)," in the peer-reviewed journal SCMLR.

Article by Alan Bailey (Academic Library Services), "Early Essentials: Developing and Sustaining Birth-Kindergarten Collections," in Children & Libraries: The Journal of the Association for Library Service to Children.

Book by Bonnie G. Mani (Political Science), "Women, Men, and Human Capital Development in the Public Sector: Return on Investments.

Articles by Rachel L. Roper (Microbiology and Immunology) with co-authors from the department K.E. Rehm, G.J.B. Jones, A.A. Tripp, and M.W. Metcalf, "The Poxvirus A35 Protein is an Immunoregulator," in the Journal of Virology; and with co-authors K.E. Rehm, R.F. Connor, G.J. Jones, K. Yimbu, "Vaccinia Virus A35R Inhibits MHC Class II Antigen Presentation," in Virology.

Article by Janet Moye (Nursing), "Growing Ambulatory Care Nurse Leaders: Building Talent from the Primed Pipeline," in Nurse Practitioner.

Article by Michelle Skipper (Nursing) with co-authors, "Adolescent Contraception: Sorting out the Facts," in Nurse Practitioner.

Article by Nursing faculty in Bariatric Nursing and Surgical Patient Care: by Mary Kirkpatrick, Sharon Sarvey and Bobby Lowery with Nursing doctoral student Dan Drake and co-author, "An optimal caring/healing environment for obese clients"; by Lowry and Drake, "Obesity, Bariatric Nursing, and the Policy Process: The Connecting Points for Patient Advocacy"; and by Sarvey, "Resources for evidence-based practice."

Article by Martha K. Engelke (Nursing) with co-authors, "Defining, delivering, and documenting the outcomes of case management by school nurses," in the Journal of School Nursing.

December 2009

Articles by Crystal Muhammad (Education), "Gender Differences in African American College Enrollment: The Role of Extracurricular Participation," in The National Journal of Urban Education and Practice; "Discretionary Time Choices and College Search: Extracurricular Participation as a Simple Indicator of the Propensity of Young  Black Men towards Post-secondary Education," in Black American Males in Higher Education: Research, Programs, and Academe.

Book set co-edited by David J. Siegel (Education), The Business of Higher Education, a three-volume set. Also by Siegel: "In Praise of Education as a Time-Release Capsule," in About Campus; "Changing the Subject: Collective Action as a New Form of 'Corporate' Influence," in The Business of Higher Education; and, with co-author, "Developing and Sustaining Academic-Corporate Alliances," in The Business of Higher Education.

Article by Debra O'Neal (English) with Marjorie C. Ringler and Diana Lys (Education), "Skeptics to Partners: University Teams with District to Improve ELL Instruction," in the Journal of Staff Development.

Article by Vivian W. Mott (Education) and Annette Greer (Medicine), "Learner-Centered Teaching and the Use of Technology," in the International Journal of Web-based Learning and Teaching Technologies.

Book chapter co-authored by Mark B. Scholl (Education), "Using Expressive Arts in Counseling Supervision," in State of the Arts in Clinical Supervision.

Article by Leslie Pagliari (Technology Systems), David Batts (Technology Systems) and Cheryl McFadden (Education), "Desired Versus Actual Training for Online Instructors in Community Colleges," in the peer-reviewed Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration.

Article by Cathy Hall (Psychology), Stephanie Sullivan (Engineering), Paul Kauffmann (Engineering), David Batts (Technology Systems), and psychology student Jeremy Long, "Are There Gender Differences in Factors Influencing Career Considerations?" in the peer-reviewed American Journal of Educational Studies.

Article by David L. Smith (Foreign Languages and Literatures), “German’s Immaculate Expression: Orality, Identity and the Wet Nurse’s Breast" in Germanic Notes and Reviews.

Article by Leonard Trujillo and Jane Painter (Allied Health), "Effectiveness of Discussion Board Usage for Occupational Therapy Fieldwork II," in the Journal of Research Center for Educational Technology.

Guest edit by Kirk St. Amant (English) with co-editor, the Sept. 2009 issue of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) journal, Transactions on Professional Communication. The issue focuses on Examining the Information Economy and includes St. Amant's co-authored introductory article, "Examining the Information Economy: Exploring the Overlap between Professional Communication Activities and Information-Management Practices." He also co-authored, "Examining Open Source Software in Offshoring Contexts: A Perspective on Adding Value in an Age of Globalization," in Technical Communication, the journal of the Society for Technical Communication.

Question and answer column by Donald J. Fletcher (Medicine), "So You Wanna…Donate Your Body to Science," in My Family Doctor.

Book forthcoming by Frédéric Fladenmuller (Foreign Languages and Literatures), “La voix du chaos. Etude sur la complexité de textes modernes” in Currents in Comparative Romance Languages and Literatures.

November 2009

Article by Robert D. Quinn (Art Education), "Post-secondary art appreciation: Going online," in the Arts and Learning Research Journal.

Article by Angela P. Whitehurst and Carolyn N. Willis (Academic Library Services), "Building Collaborative Reference and Instructional Services for Distance Education Students," in The Southeastern Librarian.

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October 2009

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