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Thirty Pirate Winners Named

The Department of Human Resources has announced 30 new winners of ECU’s Treasured Pirate Award, an “on the spot” award designed to recognize unique contributions of employees to their unit or to the university. Winners receive gifts including an award certificate and a selection from the Treasured Pirate Reward Gift Catalog. Employees can be awarded in the categories of leadership, cost effectiveness, morale, service, and creativity or

The winners are: from the Chancellor’s Division – Claudia Peaden, Alton Daniels and Gwendolyn Best; from Administration and Finance – Laura Foltz, Kimberley Walters, Johnnie Turner, and Valeria Bradley; from Student Life – Marianne Cox and Diane Majewski; from the Office of the Provost – Karla Hughes, Gloria Harrell, Patricia Green, Gerald Clayton, Joan Shappley, Karen Mathis, Matthew Powell, and Ginny Sconiers; and from Health Sciences – Edin Medrano, Linda Schadler, Sherry Moore, Kay Cyrus, Sharon Letchworth, Tami Harrell, Mamie Bullock, Cheryl Dixon, Diane Mathis, Deborah Johnston, Joyce Karr, Kathleen Roberson, and Christy Daniels.

This page originally appeared in the July 15, 2005 issue of Pieces of Eight. Complete issue is archived at http://www.ecu.edu/news/poe/archives.cfm.