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Safety Shoes

The University will reimburse an employee for purchase of safety shoes when they are a requirement of the job. No more than one pair of safety shoes can be reimbursed in a twelve (12) month period at the current rate of $100.00 per pair (established by the Office of State Budget and Management). The employee is responsible for any additional expense associated with the purchase of safety shoes.

On-site vendors will be scheduled quarterly by EH&S to provide an opportunity for employees to purchase shoes of an approved quality and to receive professional assistance with the shoe fit.

To obtain safety shoes, employees must present a valid voucher to the on-site vendor. The vouchers are distributed to eligible employees through their supervisor. The Office of Environmental Health and Safety will distribute vouchers to supervisors prior to each quarterly visit. Costs in excess of $100.00 are the responsibility of the employee and must be paid at the time of purchase.

Employees who are unable to purchase shoes from the on-site vendors may purchase shoes from a vendor of their choice and be reimbursed up to the current rate of $100.00. The employee must bring the shoes and the original receipt to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety. EH&S will verify that the shoe meets the criteria for reimbursement (shoes must meet current ASTM standards - "ASTM" should be visible on tag under tongue). A treasurer’s voucher will be issued to the employee for reimbursement at the University’s Cashier’s Office.

The shoes are the responsibility of the employee. Shoes that are lost, stolen or damaged unrelated to the employee’s job would be replaced at the employee’s expense.

New ASTM standards for Foot Protection
Protective Footwear Regulation (Work in Progress)
Picture of ASTM/ANSI standard on shoe (under tongue)
Employee Safety Shoe Purchase List
Date of Purchase and Next Eligibility (By Name)
Our Preferred Safety Shoe Vendors
LeHigh Safety Shoes
Sutton's Safety Shoes
Saf-Gard Shoe Company