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Medical Emergency

Serious Injury or Illness

In case of serious injury or illness immediately notify the police department.  Callers should be prepared to provide the police telecommunicator with the following information:

-Location of Emergency
-Caller's Location and Telephone Number
-Patient's Chief Complaint (Nature of Injury or Illness)
-How Many People are Hurt or Sick
-Age and Gender of Patient
-Patient's Level of Consciousness and Breathing

1. Do not move a seriously injured person unless it is a life-threatening situation.

2. Call ECU Police at 911 on East Campus; 744-2246 on Health Sciences Campus, giving your name, location, telephone number, nature of injury/illness, number of people injured/ill, age and gender of patient(s), and patient's pain level.

3. Return to the victim. Administer first aid per pre-arrival and post-dispatch instructions given by the emergency medical dispatcher. Keep the victim as calm and comfortable as possible. Notify the emergency medical dispatcher of any changes in the patient's status.

4. You should list below the location of the nearest first-aid kit. First-Aid Kit is located at __________________________.

5. Remain with the victim until ECU Police Officers or other emergency personnel arrive.

6. If the injured person is an employee, initiate reporting procedures as directed by your department head and/or supervisor. All work-related employee injuries and illnesses must be reported as soon as possible to the ECU Office of Environmental Health and Safety at 328-6166.