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Training Videos

Video List by Category

Construction Safety:

1. Safety Bite: Trenching and Shoring
2. Trenching & Shoring Safety

Electricity & Lock Out/Tag Out:

1. Electrical Safety: The OSHA Regulations
2. Electrical Safety: Lock Out/Tag Out
3. Lock Out/Tag Out: Training for Employees
4. The Electrical Standard: What You Need to Know

Environmental Issues:

1. Accident Investigation
2. Degradable Plastics and the Environment
3. Environmental Compliance: It's a Team Effort
4. Environmentally Responsible Packaging
5. EPA: Worker Protection Standards
6. EPA: Virtual Inspection
7. Incineration Services/Fluidized-Bed Technology
8. International Foam Solutions, Inc.
9. Liabilities Awareness
10. NC 3 R's Program
11. Refuse Collection Safety
12. Containerized Compost System/Earth Tub
13. Solving the Waste Crisis in America: An Integrated Approach
14. Major Attractions: Steel Can Recycling
15. Waste Management Seminar

Ergonomics/Work Atmosphere:

1. Back Safety & Heat Stress
2. Back Safety for Material Handlers
3. Back Pain: A Complete Workout for Better Living
4. Can Building Make You Sick?
5. The News: ECU Ergonomics Program
6. Elements of a Successful Ergonomics Program
7. CTD's & Risk Factors in the Work Place
8. Fitting the Work to the Worker
9. Heat Stress
10. How to Control Back Pain
11. No More Back Pain
12. Say Goodbye to Back Pain
13. Principles of Office Ergonomics
14. Stretching: The Video
15. Developing Ergonomic Systems
16. Back Safety: For Custodians, Maintenance, & Landscapers
17. Ergonomic Solutions for Preventing Back Injuries
18. Return to Work Management Program
19. Back Safety: A User's Guide
20. Keller's OSHA Safe Workplace Series: Back Safety 

Fall Protection & Scaffolding:

1. Aerial Lift Safety
2. Aerial Lift Safety
3. Creating a Higher Standard of Safety
4. Fall Protection
5. Scaffolding: Training Program
6. Slips, Trips & Falls
7. The First Step to Danger
8. Fall Protection: A Training Program for Employees
9. Keller's Construction Safety Series: Scaffolding
10. Slips, Trips & Falls


1. Fire Safety Can Save the Life of a Friend
2. Fire Safety for Ambulatory Care
3. Get Out & Stay Alive
4. How Fast it Burned
5. How to Use Fire Extinguishers Effectively
6. Your Link to Fire Safety I
7. Your Link to Fire Safety II
8. Your Link to Fire Safety III
9. College Fire Survival 101
10. Graduation Fatally Denied
11. Graduation Fatally Denied
12. Ready to Respond: University of Maryland
13. Ready to Respond: University of Maryland
14. Get Out and Stay Alive

First Aid:

1. Basic First Aid for Accidents
2. CPR the Way to Save Lives

Food Safety:

1. FDA/USDA: Update on the Food Code & HACCP
2. Hometown HACCP: Recipes for Food Safety
3. Charting a Safer Course HACCP Tape 1
4. Charting a Safer Course HACCP Tape 2
5. Charting a Safer Course HACCP Tape 3
6. Charting a Safer Course HACCP Tape 4
7. Food Safety is No Mystery
8. Ice the Forgotten Food
9. Recent Food Borne Disease Outbreaks & Food Safety Challenges: Raw/Partially Cooked Foods
10. Safe Food for the Hungry I
11. Safe Food for the Hungry II
12. Take Aim at Sanitation

General Information:

1. Communication
2. Confident Public Speaking
3. Confident Public Speaking
4. Coping With Change in the Workplace
5. Developing Positive Behavior
6. Effective Communication Starts With You
7. Getting Along With Your Supervisor
8. How to Build an Effective Team
9. HCPH Protocol for Suspicious Substances
10. The Assertive Professional
11. Power of Teamwork
12. Training the Trainer: Effective Safety
13. Training the Trainer I
14. Training the Trainer II
15. Training the Trainer III
16. Basic Fume Hood Air Flow & Operation
17. Working With Stress
18. Communicating With People on the Job
19. How to Delegate Work
20. How to Delegate Work
21. Educational Resources, Inc.
22. Supreme Teams: How to Make Teams that Really Work
23. How to Work with People
24. How to Coach an Effective Team
25. Powerful Communications Skills
26. Violence in the Work Place: Audits, Training, & Prevention
27. The Worst of Times: University of Florida Story
28. Evacu-TRAC Operator Training
29. Against the Wind: FEMA Hurricane Survival
30. Hurricane Prepare to Survive
31. Multi-Rae Plus Training
32. ppb Rae Training
33. The Art of Safety

General Safety:

1. Lab Safety
2. Lab Safety
3. Lab Safety
4. Lab Safety
5. Accident Investigation
6. Discipline Safety Enforcement
7. ELB Contractor Safety
8. Emergency Evacuation
9. For Safety's Sake
10. Maintenance Person Safety
11. Maintenance Training: 3 Range Monitors
12. Performing Safety Audits & Hazard Evaluation Reviews
13. Practical Behavior Based Safety
14. Right to Know Training
15. Safe Hoist Operation & Product Line
16. Safety Inspection & Maintenance of Playgrounds
17. Safety is No Accident
18. Safety is Your Responsibility
19. NCSU: Safety Smart
20. Safety: Isn't it Worth it?
21. Swimmer Safety
22. Supervisor's Accident Investigation
23. Supervisor Safety Responsibility
24. The Art of Safety
25. Warehouse & Distribution Center Safety
26. What's the Pig Idea
27. Safety Orientation
28. Confined Space Entry
29. Environment of Care Update: Expanded Req. for Life Safety Equ
30. Pro Active Safety Attitudes
31. A Training Program for HAZMAT Employees
32. Job Safety Analysis
33. Job Safety Analysis
34. Safe Operation of Lab Fume Hoods
35. Safe Operation of Lab Fume Hoods
36. Safety Committees
37. Safety Teams
38. Workplace Training Network
39. Business & Legal Reports Safety Committee
40. Safety Orientation: It Takes a Winning Attitude
41. Starting with Safety
42. Safety Begins with You
43. Work Safely: Safety Orientation for Ambulatory Care
44. Safety Awareness: A Commitment to Yourself

Hazardous Atmosphere:

1. Bacteria & Disease Control
2. Blood Borne Pathogens
3. Blood Borne Pathogens
4. Blood Borne Pathogens
5. Blood Borne Pathogens
6. Controlling Your Risk: HIV
7. Mammalian Cell Culture Hazards
8. Mammalian Cell Culture Hazards
9. Working Safely with HIV
10. Confined Space Entry
11. Moisture Meters
12. Assessing Risk
13. Assessing Risk
14. HAZMAT Part I & II
15. Mercury Video News Release
16. OSHA Lead Standards Retraining
17. Safe Handling & Storage of Compressed Gases
18. Safe Practices for Pesticide Applications
19. Spill Drill
20. Portable Gas Detection
21. 28 Grams of Prevention
22. Centrifugation Hazards
23. Chemical Hazards
24. Chemical Storage Hazards
25. Complying with OSHA Lab Standards I
26. Complying with OSHA Lab Standards II
27. Emergency Response
28. Glassware Washing Hazards
29. How Safe is Your Lab
30. Practicing Safe Science
31. Radionuclide Hazards
32. Starting with Safety
33. X-Ray Diffraction Hazards
34. Process: Safety Management I
35. Process: Safety Management II
36. Welding Safety
37. From Cradle to Grave: Lab Waste Management
38. Hot Work Management: Safe Welding, Cutting & Brazing
39. Asbestos Safety: Truth & Consequences
40. HAZWOPER: Emergency Response Training for Employees
41. Hazardous Vapors: Risk, Reduce, Replace


1. Custodians Guide to on the Job Safety

Landscape Safety:

1. Large Equipment
2. Landscape Maintenance
3. Safe Tractor Loader Operations
4. Power Hand Tools
5. Do the Job Right: Safe Lawn & Grounds Maintenance
6. Understanding Hand & Power Tool Safety

Machine Guarding:

1. Machine Guarding
2. Machine Guarding

Material Handling:

1. Forklift Safety: OSHA Regulations
2. Forklift Safety: OSHA Regulations
3. Lift Truck Operator Training
4. Forklift Safety

Office Safety:

1. Employee Education: Safety in the Office
2. Office Ergonomics

Personal Protective Equipment:

1. Severe Weather
2. Pro Air SCBA Training
3. Proper Care & Use of Work Mask I
4. Proper Care & Use of Work Mask II
5. Respirator Training
6. Radionuclide Hazards
7. HAZMAT Practice
8. TB Respiratory Protection
9. Respirators: Your TB Defense
10. PPE: Assessment & Training
11. Personal Protective Equipment

Road Safety:

1. Truck Driving Safety
2. The Aftermath
3. Motor Fleet Maintenance Safety
4. Defensive Driving
5. Seeing Hazards
6. Drive for Life: Defensive Driving
7. DDC Video
8. Bucket Truck Safety
9. Fleet Safety
10. Van & Truck Driving


1. Bombs: Handling a Bomb
2. Hazmat 3: The First Responder
3. Hazmat 4: Controlling the Incident
4. Bombings & the Threat of Bombings
5. Bomb Awareness
6. Patrol: Domestic Terrorism III
7. Patrol: Domestic Terrorism IV
8. In Focus: Disaster Care Coordination
9. Protecting America: Mass Gatherings
10. Certification: Mass Casualty Incidents, Part 2
11. Nurses Station: Bio Terrorism in Health Care
12. The Ultimate Driving Challenge
13. WMD & the 1st Responder
14. Pickett's Primer on Explosives
15. Responding to a WMD Crime Scene
16. Managing Terrorism Incidents: Using the Incident Command System
17. Managing Terrorism Incidents: Using Unified Command in WMD
18. Terrorism: Medical Response
19. Terrorism: Roll Call Edition
20. Terrorism: Biological Weapons

Disaster Planning: Defuse the Time Bomb