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Battery Recycling

Batteries should be recycled rather than thrown away. East Carolina University's Office of Environmental Health and Safety accepts, at no charge, all types of batteries (including alkaline, lead acid, nickel cadmium, lithium and mercury.) The batteries are recycled to recover the heavy metals and hazardous components.

If you have batteries from University equipment or departments call 328-6166 to discuss your disposal options.

If your department generates a large number of batteries, we will establish a drop point.

If your department only uses a small number of batteries you can:

  • Collect the batteries until you have a full container.
  • Take your batteries to a drop point
  • Mail your batteries in a sealed container to EH&S.

Lead/Acid (wet cell) batteries must be disposed of at Automotive Services. Please call 328-6427 to arrange for disposal.

If your department would like to be an University drop point, please contact the Environmental Specialist at 328-6166.