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Recy-Chem Program

The purpose of the RECY-CHEM program is to redistribute unopened or uncontaminated surplus chemicals (in their original containers) to other individuals within the University system. This will help to reduce the increasingly high costs of hazardous waste disposal on campus, while providing faculty and researchers the opportunity to acquire FREE chemicals. This program is part of the University’s environmental sustainability program.

Laboratory instructors/managers & researchers should update their inventory annually and identify any unwanted, unopened chemicals. Consult with your colleagues first to see if they need any of the chemicals you may have and swap with one another. If no one in your department/division needs your surplus, donate the unwanted, unopened chemicals to the RECY-CHEM Program. Unopened or uncontaminated surplus chemicals will be picked up along with the routine hazardous waste pickup on Thursdays. To donate or receive chemicals in the RECY-CHEM program, call 328-6166 or e-mail You will be advised as to when EH&S will deliver the chemicals to your lab. If chemicals need to be transported, please contact EH&S.

A list of FREE, surplus chemicals is currently available on our surplus chemicals website.  This list will be evaluated every 6 months and those chemicals deemed unusable will be prepared for disposal.  Any EPA listed chemicals will also not be included in the surplus chemical list.  All chemicals considered for the RECY-CHEM program will be evaluated by EH&S before approval.

Contaminated, or otherwise used chemicals cannot be included in this program; however, EH&S will pick them up and properly dispose of them if they meet the guidelines already established for Hazardous Waste Disposal. Chemicals will be redistributed on a first come, first serve basis. If you have any questions or comments please forward them to Environmental Health and Safety, at 328-6166.

Checklist for RECY-CHEM Chemicals

  1. Complete an annually inventory of all chemicals in your possession.
  2. Check with your fellow researchers to see if they can use your Surplus Chemicals.
  3. Contact EH&S ( or 328-6166) for collection of surplus items as a part of the weekly hazardous waste pickup conducted on Thursdays.
  4. EH&S will pick up your chemical surplus and determine if it is viable for the RECY-CHEM program.
  5. Interested faculty, staff and researchers should periodically check the surplus chemical website (especially before ordering new chemicals) for availability, and contact EH&S.
  6. EH&S will coordinate with you to arrange delivery of the chemicals.